Saturday, 2 July 2011

Inspiration : Green Lantern

Wait, what? Well, I sort of took my inspiration from Green Lantern, but really, it's because the idea came to me whilst I was in the cinema, and I used the colours from the film!

Here's the finished look - 


Colours - 
- Barry M - 290 Spring Green
- Barry m - 47 Black
- 17 Nail Tip Whitener

- Two base coats
- Two coats of green
- Spray of Quick Dry
- I then put a few drops of black onto a page of an old magazine, and used an old cosmetic sponge to pick up the colour - 

- I then just dabbed two coats of black onto the tip of my nails straight over the top of the green.
- Top coat and it's done!

- I also did my right hand the other way round
- I used the tip whitener over the black (also with a sponge) just so the green would show more true to colour - 


Enjoy kids,

WN x

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