Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Butter London - Slapper (with Minger)

Firstly I'd like to issue an apology! I own around 10 Butter London colours, yet I've never got round to swatching any of them! I know, bad blogger :-(

However, that is all changing right now. I've swatched Slapper, with a spotty Minger accent - 

Butter London Slapper (left) and Minger (right)

Slapper just the perfect teal creme, and Minger is a lovely darkened orange creme. 

I'm wearing two coats of Slapper.

I love Butter London as a brand. The thought that goes into the packaging and the quirky and fun names for the colours always make me smile.

The polishes themselves have a lovely formula, and I've yet to come across one I don't like.

Polishes from Butter London are £12 each and are available at

WN x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Illamasqua - Optimist

Optimist by Illamasqua is a rubber finish nail polish that originally came out as part of the Rubber Brights collection for Autumn 2012. I bought this polish recently for £5 in the Illamasqua sale :)

This is a funny one! Sometimes I think it's a gorgeous deep golden yellow, sometimes I thinks it's just straight up orange. Either way, I think it's a gorgeous colour. I'm wearing two coats in the photo's. The trick with these polishes is to load up your brush and wear thick coats to avoid streaking. 

I really like the effect of these rubber polishes by Illamasqua. Not completely chalky and matte, almost waxy. 

One issue with this polish is that it stains like a biatch!!My nails were yellow for 3 days! But apart from that, love it :)

Polish cost me £5 in the

WN x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Yves Rocher - Orchid Pink

I received this polish in a rather large order from Yves Rocher a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot about it! However, I came across my order again yesterday and thought I'd share this lovely colour with you from their summer collection.

The polish is called Orchid Rose - 

I really like this colour. It's just a nice classic deep pink shade. The only thing I don't like is the teeny tiny bottle these polishes come in! I don't know if this is just me, but I am a bit special when it comes to using the brush. As the lid and brush are small, I find it so difficult to use and to get a nice clean mani.

However, the formula is still lovely. You could probably get away with one coat, but I always do two anyway out of habit. 

Polish costs £1.95 and is available at

WN x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Essie - Sleek Stick

One of my favourite days ever is Glossybox dellivery day!! Especially when the box includes a nail product :)

In July's box, which is Seaside themed, I received a set of Essie Sleek Stick nail stickers. The design I got is number 02 Croc 'n Chic - 

Talk about Chic! I do enjoy this design. 

I've never tried Essie Sleek Stick nail stickers before, but I have tried other brands. I've got to say that these are the easiest I've tried so far. They even supply you with a little nail file for trimming the stickers once you've applied them!

I had no problems when applying these and I only had to trim one of the stickers near my cuticle, but you're lucky if the stickers fit your nail shape perfectly. 

Another excellent surprise from Glossybox :) 

Check out the Glossybox site - HERE
And Essie - HERE.

WN x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Barry M Nail Effects - Confetti

I've never really been one for nail effects. Caviar beads, velvet effect, textured nails etc. But seeing as though the last time I went to Boots, Barry M was on offer, I thought it'd be rude not to at least try one of their new effects polishes :)

This time I went for Confetti Nail Effects in cnp4 Bubblegum - 

To swatch, I wore two coats of Bubblegum over Barry M 294 Cyan Blue.

I admit it, I'm a huge fan! I really like the effect of these confetti polishes, especially using a matching base colour as the effect is subtle, however I think they would also look brilliant over a contrasting base, as the confetti is suspended in clear polish.

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects are £3.99 each.

WN x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nubar - Lemon Sorbet

I've been looking for a pastel yellow for a while, and since I bought Models Own Banana Split, I have been obsessed!

I think I like pale yellow on my nails as it matches my pale yellow skin tone :)

Today I have Lemon Sorbet from Nubar to share - 

I have three coats on in the pics, with top coat.

I'm a big fan of this colour! Lovely formula, and I do like a pastel for summer :)

I thought I'd give a gradient a crack over this colour, for which I used Barry M Blueberry Ice cream. One day I will be able to do these!!!

I am getting better at them though :)

WN x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Green Berry

So these Gelly polishes from Barry M have been around for a while now, but I've just never got round to trying them.
I always thought that they were another gimmick really and had no reason to try them. But I gave in eventually!!

The colour I have to share is number gnp12, Green Berry - 

The idea is that these polishes give and extra shiny and glossy finish to your manicure. And I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I think they look great. Almost opaque in one decent coat, but I much prefer to use two thinner coats, just out of habit really, and to speed up drying time.

I did find the formula a bit difficult, as I found it caught and the nail surface slightly and didn't give a nice smooth finish, however that was easily fixed with a good top coat.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase :)

Gelly Hi-Shine polishes from Barry M cost £3.99, and I bought mine from Boots.

WN x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mavala - Trio Box, Nude

Anyone else feel the need to buy products that come with the word 'Exclusive'?!

As you may be aware, I'm a huge fan of, and last time I was there I spotted this little set by Mavala and it just so happens to be exclusive to Beauty Bay.... So obviously I needed it.

(I really must apologise for the mucky finger prints!!)

Vanilla - Ivory with a pearl finish - 

Three coats of Vanilla, and as you can see it's still not quite opaque.

Vanilla close up with flash.

Glacier - Rose pink creme - 

Two coats of Glacier.

Moon Grey - Shimmering grey - 

Two coats of Moon Grey.

Moon Grey close up with flash.

I really like this little set. I think there's a colour to suit everyone, although I wish the Vanilla shade was a bit more opaque. However it's still a lovely colour, and a perfect nude shade for me :) although I think the grey is my favourite.

Set costs £9.50 and is a exclusive!

WN x

Maybelline Color Show - Moss

Today, I have another shade from the Maybelline Color Show range to share! This polish is called 'Moss' and you can probably guess that it's a cool green colour with a creme finish - 

I am wearing two coats in the photos. I love the formula of this polish, lovely and smooth and opaque in two easy coats.
I'd say that this shade is more of a teal than a moss green, but a gorgeous color non the less :)

Check out Maybelline HERE (for UK)
Polishes are £2.99 each, and I bought mine from Boots.

WN x