Monday, 30 April 2012

Review and Swatches : Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

I couldn't help myself! I definitely wanted three of the polishes in the Models Own/Hed Kandi collab so in the end, I just bought all five. Why not eh? I like to tell myself that I do it for you...... ;)

So without further ado, picture time - 

From Left - Right - HK01 Beach Party; HK02 Balearic Cool; HK03 Disco Heaven; HK04 Ibiza Mix; HK05 Hedonist. 

Beach Party

Beach Party - A super bright, almost neon, orange creme. Glides on beautifully in two coats.

Balearic Cool

Balearic Cool - Pretty generic bright turquoise. Strange texture though! Super transparent, three coats. I'm gonna try out some layering ideas with this one I think :)

Disco Heaven

Disco Heaven - Mainly gold glitter with bits of multicoloured glitter particles running through. One for layering, I have about three coats on here. Again, nothing too out the ordinary, but still a lovely polish! 

Ibiza Mix

Ibiza Mix - What to say about this polish! It reminds me of confetti, so pretty :) All different colours and sizes of glitter. Would look fabulous layered, but I did get tonnes of compliments whilst wearing this on its own! Predictably, my fave of the bunch, even if it is a NIGHTMARE to remove!


Hedonist - Really bright red creme, with a coral undertone. I really like this colour as you tend to see so many coral oranges out there, that's it's quite refeshing to see a coral-ly red! Two coats.

I really like this collection. I think the polishes reflect the collaboration with Hed Kandi well, but obviously, you don't need to be a fan to apprectiate the varnishes! 

As far as Models Own goes, every polish I've used from them I've liked, I think they are consistently good, and bang on trend. At £5 a pop you can't really go wrong, and as they're buy 5 save £7 or buy 3 save £3 on the Models Own website there are bargains to be had :)

Hope you enjoy!

See you next time,

WN x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Spring Tips

I decided that I would brighten up my nails to brighten myself up! As it's spring (not that you would think with the hideous weather we've been having in the UK), I thought I'd break out the colourful cremes :)

I wanted to keep it simple and cheerful! I also wanted to do something classic, but freshen it up for spring. Anyway here's what happened - 

I used two coats of Barry M 306 Berry Icecream as the base then two coats of Chanel 535 May over the top.

Top and basecoats as usual!

Fun, simple and to the point. My fave!

Hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

See you next time :)

WN x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review & Swatch : Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I may be 100 years behind, but I thought it was about time to jump on the 'Fantasy Fire' bandwagon. And after trying it I can officially say *prepare yourselves* I am OFF the wagon.


I don't know if I was just expecting too much following the hype, but I was really let down :(

Don't get me wrong, still a beautiful polish, but you see it in the bottle and expect something special, and well, it's just nice!

Anyway, enough negativity! Here are some piccies - 

Taken without flash 

With flash.

Can you see all the different colours in the bottle? And I have four coats on here. Definitely one for layering! Although, I must say that the polish glides on beautifully and dries super duper quickly. I took pictures from every angle you can think of, and they all come out the exact same. No depth of colour, no duo-chrome-ing.... :(:(


As for reviewing Max Factor.... Well as this is my first and only MF polish, I feel it's a bit mean to form an opinion of the whole brand after this! What do you think? Is it worth giving them a second chance?! 

Anyway, I hope this helps.........!

I'll see ya next time :)

WN x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Barry M Croc Nail Effects

Here's a bit of a review on Barry M's Croc Nail Effects polish. 

Obviously, the idea of this polish is to give a uniform mock-croc style pattern on the nails, as opposed to the random style of a crackle polish.

Here's what happened - 


I used Barry M 300 Acid Yellow and Avon Orange Creamsicle as my base colours.
This are the instructions from the Barry M website - 

"Apply a base colour, after a few minutes when the nail paint is still a bit tacky apply a coat of Croc Nail Effects. Watch the amazing effect appear in a few minutes. The effect takes a bit longer to appear than the crackle but it is worth it!"

As you can see, not really the desired effect! What I don't really understand, is why it worked so well on the Avon polish and not the Barry M one?!!! You would think being from the same brand n all.........

Anyway, I like the effect when it worked! And I must say, I got loads of compliments when wearing this :):)

Hope you enjoy!

See you soon

WN x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Explanation....

Ok guys, so It's been weeks and weeks since I posted, and I kinda feel like I owe you an explanation as to why!

So a few weeks ago I was properly poorly :( I had some hideous virus type thing, sinusitis all sorts and it really knocked me for six! 

I gave myself a couple of weeks off from WellNailed as I wanted to just feel better. I wouldn't have been able to put 100% into my blogs and that just isn't fair to anyone, especially you guys. But after my little break, I felt like I'd lost my enthusiasm for blogging and nails in general :( Disaster! I only started painting my nails again a couple of days ago, but since doing so, I've started to remember why I love it so much, and re-discovered my passion.

Basically, I want to thank you all for your patience and continuing support during my dip! I started blogging for myself, but I keep blogging for you :)

Thank you <3

Big love

Holly x