Wednesday, 29 June 2011

That's A Wrap! - Polka Dots

Firstly, Oh. My. God. These things are amazing. For this look I used the 'NailEase Nail Art Strips', which come like thiiiiis - 

And the finished look - 

So, the how to.....

- Firstly its important to buff your nails completely smooth, so the stickers have a flat surface to stick to.
- I used this thing, which I've had for years. Got no idea where it came from (I think it was Avon, but don't quote me on that!) 
This is it - 

It's sides are numbered 1-4, and all you do is rub each side over the surface of your nail (in number order, obviously), and this is how shiny and smooth they make my nails - 


- So, next up, the sticker goes straight onto the nail.
- Smooth the sticker flat against the nail from the cuticle up to the tip of the nail, ensuring there's no creasing or bubbles. (They can be removed GENTLY, if you go wrong, which I did a bit!).
- Fold the sticker over the edge of the nail once it's nice and flat.
- File the edge of the nail in a downwards motion to get rid of the excess.

Properly easy. And even if I do say so myself, they look great!

Now, they took me about 20/25mins to do, but it was my first time and once i'd got my left hand done and dusted, it didn't take me half as long to do the right. There even easy to do left handed, and anyone who's read my previous blog, will know how good I am at left handed nail art!

Another great thing about these is that you get two sets of the stickers (for about £5.50 from Boots). Great! If you go a bit wrong, you've got a back up and if, like me, you just fall in love with them,'ve got two sets of stickers.

Just to re-iterate, I LOVE THESE.

Till next time.......

WN x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Follow Up : Boots - '17' Nail Bar In A Bag

So there was a couple of points I thought I should share after taking off the last look, in preparation for tomorrows blog...

- First the red colour, 'Knockout Red', has stained my nails even through the two base coats! It's really not too bad, but I know it can be a bit annoying especially if your planning on going for a pale colour next.

- Also the heart stickers are a right pain in the bum to get off!! Again it really isn't that big a deal, (and it's also quite a compliment to '17', as you don't have to worry about them just falling off) but just be careful as you kind of have to pick them off, and if you go at it too hard you could damage your nails. Eeek.


WN x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boots - '17' Nail Bar In A Bag

Yes you read correctly, Boots have invented a Nail Bar that fits in a bag. I know. It's genius.

And here it is - 

So basically you buy any two cosmetic products from Boots' '17' range (I got a lipgloss and a blusher brush for about £6) and you get this little gem for free. Yes free!
You get two colours Knockout Red which I used on my right hand and Pink Grapefruit which is on my left.
Also included is a jazzy mini nail file and some super cute heart stickers.

And here is the finished product - (You'll have to forgive the state of my right hand as I am unbelievably special when it comes to painting my nails left handed.)

This look was sooo easy.
-Two base coats as always.
-Two coats of colour.
-Now, while the colour is still wet I peeled off the stickers using tweezers and placed on my nails.
-Top coat.
-Spay of Quick Dry.


I told ya so.

Have fun guys 

WN x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Inspiration : VOGUE June 2011

For this look I took inspiration from the Fashion Bible itself. This is the page I used. It's from the 'Beauty Confidential' section of July Vogue - 

And this is the finished look - 

And here's how I did it.

- Colours used
 -BarryM 180 (Sorry I don't know what it's called and it's discontinued aswell!)
 -Models Own 110 Bronze Rage

-First I applied the obligatory two coats of clear varnish!
-Next I put on a French Manicure Tip Guide to mark where I wanted the colours to meet. (Careful when using the tip guides as if you stick them down too hard they will pull the clear varnish off!)

-I then painted two coats of the blue up to the bottom of the tip guide.
-Quick spray to help the drying process!
-When the varnish was quite dry i removed the tip guide. You want the varnish to be almost dry so as the keep the edge where the colours will meet nice and sharp.

-Next I applied the bronze colour to the tips. You can feel where the blue finishes with the edge of your varnish brush so it's actually not that difficult to keep it neat(ish!).
-Clear top coat.

Amazing. I did my right hand the opposite way too just to see what it looked like really....

Have fun! WN x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Nail Painting Technique, Yeah.

Yes, I realise that this is my 3rd blog in about 10 mins, HOWEVER, I'm really just trying to get a few things out there before I put some of the good stuff up.

I thought I would share with you my basic nail routine.
It really is super easy peesy.

-Properly clean my nails. I just use any old Nail Varnish Remover (I think my current one is just from Sainsburys) and some cotton balls.

-File and shape my nails to whatever takes my fancy!

-Rub in the good old Avon Grow Potion. (Lovin' that stuff)

-Apply two (Yes two!) coats of the BarryM Topcoat, Basecoat and Nail Hardener. I'm not really sure why I do two coats. I read it in 'Stella' once (magazine that comes with the Sunday Telegraph), tried it, thought it was quite good, and the rest ,as they say, is history.......

-Apply two coats of whatever colour I'm going for. Now I say apply two coats this ultimately depends on the varnish ofcourse but, generally, for just day to day colours, two coats is the deal.

-Spray with the Magic Avon Freeze Dry Super Quick Jazz spray, and wait a couple of minutes.

-Top coat of the trusted BarryM.

-Tadaaaa!!!!! I'm good to go. Marvellous.

Nice work guys.

WN x

Some Things That I Think Are A Bit Good.

So, before we get into the nitty gritty, as it were, I thought I'd share with you a couple of things that I reckon are dead good.

O.K, from left...
- Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray.
Bit of a mouthful, but this stuff is fab. I spray this on after applying the colour varnish. It only takes a couple of minutes for the varnish to be touch dry. Obviously it takes a while for nails to be absolutely bone dry, but with this jazz you're ready to go in minutes. Brilliant.

-Avon Nail Experts Grow Potion
Basically I apply this to the cuticle after cleaning my nails of any colour, and massage it in the cuticle and nail itself. It gives the nail a really nice smooth texture and it actually does make 'em grow quicker! Well, it does mine anyway.....

-BarryM Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener
As we all know, a decent clear varnish is an absolute must have. As is a good top coat and base coat. And we all enjoy a nail hardener. So naturally having all four in one for about three quid, how am I actually meant to say no to that? It dries super super quick, and it's well glossy aswell. 

That's it really. 

WN x


Well hello everyone and a huge welcome to the first EVER (!) Well Nailed Blog!

Oh Yeah.

So here is a little bit about the concept of this properly good blog....

Basically, I love my nail varnish. 
I love buying new colours and experimenting with different techniques, so I just thought why not share?!
I would like to just say at this point that I am most definately NOT a professional Nail Artist, so I really honestly believe that if I can do this stuff to my nails anyone can!
This blog really is just about me having somewhere to put pictures of my nail experiments. The amount of times I have done something on my nails and thought how amazing it looks (not to be big-headed!). I'm just a giver really.

I'll stress here that this blog is about trying new things and having a good time doing it! I do have an interesting sense of humour that doesn't always translate into text, do if you ever feel that I'm being offensive or rude then I'm probably joking. Like I said it's about having fun!


Enough of the sweet nothings, lets get cracking shall we?
Not literally obviously. That would be terrible.

Now if you're sitting comfortably, I shall begin....

WN x