Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review : NARS

I spend 90% of my time on the internet shopping for nail varnish and last week sometime I was browsing NARS. I think it's a really good idea to google swatches of colours that you like, as a lot of websites (including NARS' unfortunately) have pretty inaccurate swatches! 
During my google-athon, I came across one colour that just blew me away when I saw it! It's called Kismet. And here it is! - 

I LOVE NARS packaging! It looks so expensive. (Which to be fair it kind of is!) I think the fact that it comes in a box is just that extra little touch that makes high end polishes like this one a bit more special. It's like unwrapping a little present to yourself! I really like the matte rubber-ish lid too. If you like it in the bottle just wait...... - 

Such a beautiful yellow-gold. This is with three coats on, and it just glides onto the nail. I don't think I've ever smiled whilst applying a polish before, but this had me grinning! I think it can either look real festive at this time of year, or super summery. I think NARS have actually bottled sunshine here. 

This was £13.50 from Harvey Nichols.

As you can probably tell, I reckon this is the best 'first impression' polish I could have purchased! 


See you Friday :)

WN x

Monday, 28 November 2011

Artistry : Lichtenstein

What better place to find inspiration for nail art than an actual artist. My first, and original love! One of my all time favourite artists is Roy Lichtenstein. Here is an example of his work if you're unfamiliar - 

I just think that there is so much going on in his work, every time you look at a piece you see something different. Interesting patterns and texture and the odd splash of colour (depending on the series). I ramble....

Anyway! Here are some nails - 

I like these more, the more I look at them! A bit like Lichtenstein's work, so in a way I've done a good job :)

The colours are all Barry M 47 Black, 66 Matt White and 134 Yellow. I also used some black striping tape for my middle finger.

- So, basecoats to start
- Then two coats of the white, and three coats of the yellow on my ring finger for the base colours
- To do the patterns, I used a dotting tool on my index and ring fingers and a small nail art brush on my thumb and pinky. And just added the striping tape to the middle finger using tweezers (and patience!)
- Top coat to seal it all in place. You might want to double up on the top coat where you use striping tape and cap the end too, to stop it peeling off.

I must admit, this took me a while! But, I think that's probably because I didn't know what I was doing until I'd done it really. 

Hope you enjoy :)

See you next time!

WN x

Friday, 25 November 2011

A Bit Of Sparkle

As you may have guessed, doing a bit of glitter today! Trying to force myself into feeling a bit more festive :) And glitter always cheers me up on cold foggy winter days. Also, I'm trying to get round to trying all the billions of polishes I got for my birthday. Here is the look I did for today - 

Pretty :) The colours are both Barry M 285 Aqua Green and 239 Lavender Hexograms.

- I have the usual basecoats on
- Then three coats of the green as it's quite a sheer polish
- Next, I just built up loads of layers of the glitter, applying more toward the tip of my nails to get the faded effect
-Top coat to seal it all in place.

This was so, so easy to do! And like, I said, good for a cheer up :)

Have a fabulous weekend....

WN x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Nail Rock? You're Damn Right!

It's that time of the month again! Not THAT time, GLOSSYBOX time!!!
I was absolutely delighted to discover another fabulous nail product in there :)
This month I received a beautiful set of Nail Rock nail wraps. So, so pretty - 

I'm really chuffed with the design I got in my box.
So easy to do, and we all know I love a good pair of nail wraps! Quick, no drying time and just effortless.
Check out for the full range of Nail Rock Products.

See you soon!

WN x

You're In The Army Now

The clue's in the title really.
Thought I'd go for a bit camouflage today. Well obviously, I mean what else was I gonna do today really?

So anyway, here they are - 

Four colours for this look, Dior 219 Safari Beige, Miss Sporty Khaki Force, Barry M 299 Racing Green and 129 Chocolate Brown.

Really super duper easy, this look.

- Basecoats to begin
- Next two layers of the Dior. Such a perfect nude for that 'mannequin hand' look
- Then I just took each of the other three colours in turn, and dotted them on top
- I used e.l.f Matte Finisher for the top coat

I love the Racing Green in this, I think it kinda makes what could be a big ball of gross a bit more girly and a bit sparkly I guess, anyway, told you it was easy!

Hope you enjoy :)

WN x


Friday, 18 November 2011

Review : Paul & Joe

I'd been aware of Paul & Joe polishes for a while without realising it! I first came across them in a YouTube tutorial yonks ago. I first thought the bottle was beautiful, but then forgot about it for a bit. Then, just doing the rounds online, I stumbled upon them again, and lo and behold, I made my first ever Paul & Joe purchase!  

Here's the polish I got - 

I got mine from a boutique and it cost £12.95, but I do believe Asos has them for £10.50. I must say I would pay that just for the packaging. I think they put so much effort and time into making their products look beautiful, they are more than worth the extra few quid. This polish is No. 18 from the 'Manhattan' collection and is called 'The City Never Sleeps'. You can view the collection here -

Here it is in all it's glory - 

So pretty! A rich purple/blue with red and blue sparkles. This is with two coats and a top coat. And if I'm not mistaken, it has a rather lovely fruity scent too...

I'm keeping this on tonight, as I have a partaay to go to!
Have a fabulous weekend :)

WN x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Going Neon

So, to get closer to completing my Barry M collection, I recently purchased their three neon shades, Neon Pink, Neon Green and Neon Yellow.
I'd love for them to bring out an orange or a blue. Maybe a purple......
Anyway, they've been looking at me for a while so I had to have a play around with them and here is what happened - 

I love, love the finish of these colours. A slightly iridescent effect. Just beautiful! I must admit, I do think neon have their place and time.... I'm not a big fan of them for general day to day, but hey, that's just me :)

I used three different sized dotting tools for these, and just moved from large to small from the outside to the middle of the nail. It's as simple as peas.

See you next time!

WN x

Monday, 14 November 2011

A Glossy Competition

Today see's the launch of a Glossybox competition! You guys will know how much  I'm into my Glossyboxes and if I win, I'll get the whole Muppets for OPI collection!!!!!!! 

Weee! To vote for me all you have to do is go here - - and click like! The nail design that has the most likes, wins. Easy!

Obviosuly, only do it if you actually like my nails!!!!!

Anyway, here they are - 

I used Barry M 264 Pink Iridescent, 47 Black, 302 Fushia and 119 Baby Pink for these.

- I basically started the same way as usual. Two basecoats and two coats of the base colour (either the pale pink or the black) I added a coat of the pink glitter on my ring finger for a bit of extra jazz.
- Then using a small brush, I painted the details on all fingers except the little finger, for which I used a dotting tool.
- Lastly I popped a pink rhinestone in the centre of the bow. For fun :)
- Finished off with a top coat. 

I hope you like my design! If you do please 'like' it here -

Thanks :)

WN x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Magnetic : 17

I've noticed that more and more brands are jumping on the magnetic polish band wagon, so I thought that I would too! I got three of the 17 ones from Boots, as they were 3 for 2, so they cost me £12 instead of £18, which I find a pretty good bargain :)

Here are the three that I chose - 

From left to right Lilac, Green, Blue.

And here is what they look like all done - 

I love this effect! These are with two coats (no top coat). I think the trick to getting a well defined pattern is having a pretty thick layer of polish. I admit I had to try a couple of times, as I kept touching the polish with the magnet...

So simple and quick to do too. It's all explained for you on the bottle as well, which is handy! Overall these get a yes from me :)

Have a fab weekend.....

WN x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I Heart Nails

I did some hearts today :) I've seen them cropping up in various places and thought I'd give them a go - 

Not the best ever, but as always here at WellNailed, they were my first attempt! I think with a bit of practice and more patients(!) they'd look fabulous :)

Just the two colours for this one, both Barry M 317 Blue Moon and 272 Shocking Pink.

Relatively easy, just takes a little while!
- Basecoats to start
- Then three coats of the beautiful blue
- Next add the hearts with the pink. I used a dotting tool to do this by dotting one side and dragging down to a point, then dotting the other side and joining the points together to form the heart shape. I hope that makes sense!!!
- Top coat to finish.

This is a super cute look, obviously colours and design is up to you!
Hvae fun :)

WN x

Monday, 7 November 2011

In A Bunch.

Of grapes. Obviously. Well, why not! I got a new colour and it made me think of grapes! Why, I don't know cos its a pale purple, but hey, it's just a bit of fun after all :) Anyway, here are my bunches - 

I used four Barry M colours for this look, 308 Berry Ice Cream, 161 Vivid Purple, 290 Spring Green and a Limited Edition colour which I got from Boots yesterday which looks like so - 

Silver lid. Cool.

- Usual basecoats to begin with
- Then, two coats of the Berry Ice Cream - 

- Next, I added spots of the dark purple in the shape of the bunches
- I did this using a dotting tool - 

- Then, I added the Limited Edition purple colour on top of the dark, using a slightly smaller dotting tool - 

- I did this to give the design a bit more dimension. I thought just the one shade would look a bit flat
- To finish, I drew the green stalk on using the small dotting tool.
- Top coat to seal.

Hope you enjoy these! Super easy and fun :)

See you next time....

WN x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Review : OCC

I'm sorry, two reviews in row! However, I received these two OCC polishes in the post yesterday, and I just had to show you :)
I got them from, a brilliant website which features a lot of American brands not readily available in the UK. Now, I'd heard a lot of great things about OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, mainly known for their famous Lip Tar's) from various beauty bloggers and YouTube guru's, so I thought I'd give them a try!

These are the colours that I got - 

Look how pretty!
The colour on the left is called Chlorophyll (reason enough to buy it) and the one on the right is called Echo.

Now if you check out the swatches on the website, Echo is very similar however Chlorophyll, not so much. Not that I was disappointed, it's still gorgeous!! Both swatches are without a top coat.

Here's a swatch of Chlorophyll - 

A really, really nice colour. I don't really know how to explain it! Not green, not blue. Just fabulous really, unlike any other colour I own, so that's a bonus!

And here is a swatch of Echo - 

I can't even speak at this colour. A lovely midnight blue. The finish of these polishes is just divine, not too glossy just soft and creamy. No streaks left either. They are £6.50 (hence why I only bought two!) but totally worth it and I highly recommend giving this brand a look :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review : Chanel Peridot

Not kidding, I think this is the single most beautiful colour I've ever seen. It cost £17.50, but seriously worth it! Well I say that, mine was a birthday present from my lovely sister :D... This picture doesn't do it justice - 

Please go and check this colour out in person if you can! 
It's a beautiful gold with a green and blue undertone.......just fabulous.

That's it really, I just wanted to share it ;)

See you next time......

WN x