Friday, 18 April 2014

OPI - Pure

Happy Friday polish peeps! I am officially on holidays :-)

I will be taking a 2 week break whilst I'm away. I feel like I need this holiday so much, and to be honest. nail polish is the furthest thing from my mind!! I will be back on the 5th of May, all refreshed and re-inspired and ready to go :-)

So for today post, I have something to share that I have ha sitting in my drawer for the longest time. 

The Mariah Carey Holiday collection for OPI launched back in October 2013 and I bought it in December so I've had it lying around the place for at least 4 months which means it's not really readily available anymore..... sorry!

Just like OPI's The Man With The Golden Gun, Pure is a luxurious top coat however this one is 18k White gold and Silver flakes as opposed to just 18k gold.

I wanted to pair it with something pale as it's spring time and I think it's fitting to go with something fresh. 

One coat of Pure is layered over two coats of Illamasqua Nomad. a pretty jade green creme. 

I love this so much. When I first got TMWTGG I swatched it over everything, so expect plenty more appearances from Pure!

Pure retails at £29.99, but like I said it's difficult to find as it's fom a Christmas collection! There are still some on for only £10.50 or however it's still at full price there.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you in a couple of weeks!

WN x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yves Rocher - Bleu Paon + flakie!

Happy Wednesday!!

I have one day left at work before my holiday :-) I'm very excited.

Today, I have a swatch to share with you of a gorgeous teal blue creme from Yves Rocher. The color is called Bleu Paon or Peacock Blue and the swatches are only one coat of polish with base and without a top coat (as I've added flakies as you'll see in a bit!)

I was super impressed at only having to one coat as you don' tend to find that very often.

These polishes are £1.95 and you get 3ml of product. Perfect for someone like me who owns so many colours you'll never reach the end of :-)

Check out for more!

Whilst I was swatching this colour, this flakie by Inglot flashed into my head, like they often do. And I thought it would look gorgeous over the Yves Rocher color and, not to blow my own horn, but I was right :-)

I have swatched one coat of the flakie over Peacock Blue then added a top coat.

This picture is in natural sunlight to show how beautiful the combination really is!!!

I don't believe it's available anymore, however you can check out to see the whole range.

WN x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Nail Art!

A little while ago I was invited to join Nailpolis, which is an 'online museum, dedicated to showcasing and celebrating nail art'.

It's a really cool site and I love being a part of it.

They are often running competitions, the most recent of which is Easter Nail Art. I haven't entered one before, so I thought I'd give this one a bash!

I chose to do Easter aggs, and have done them collecting in a basket, which I've done on my pinky. Hopefully you can all tell that anyway :)

The blue base colour is Blueberry Ice Cream by Barry M. For the eggs the green is MeMeMe Virtous, the pink is Nails Inc. Campden Hill Road and the yellow is Notting Hill carnival, also by Nails Inc.

For the basket, the base is Dior Safari Beige and the detail work is using China Glaze Brownstone.

I used a dotting tool for the spots on the eggs and a small nail art brush for the basket details.

I hope you all enjoy!

I'll let oyu lknow if I win the contest, the prize is Color Clubs latest collection, Paris In Love.

You can check out to request an invitation to join the community.

WN x

Friday, 11 April 2014

Butter London - The Black Knight

I am fighting the urge to call this 'The Dark Knight'. Every time I go to type it I have to stop myself! This nail polish is not Batman.

As promised, I have another swatch of a Butter London polish to share today! The Black Night is a black base packed with loads of mutli-coloured glitter particles. From pink to blue to gold to red, this polish is a party for the nails :-)

Swatches are two coats of colour with a base and top coat.

The Black Knight is so much fun and I loved wearing it. It looks especially great when it catches the sun, which we've actually had for the last few days her in sunny England :-O

BL polishes are £12 each. Check out the full range at

Have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Sinful Colors - Easy Going, with accent nail!

Happy Monday people!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I have done nothing, all my money is becoming euro's in two weeks :-)

I've had these Diamond pieces sat around the place for so long. I've known exactly what I was going to do with them, but I just kept forgetting about them until I was looking for something else and came across them, as is usually the case!

I've used the diamonds to create an accent nail over Sinful Colors Easy Going, which is a gorgeous and super pale pastel peach creme.

The formula of this polish is so gross, which is a shame because it's so pretty and I loved wearing it! 

But I feel like I can't complain for £1.99...........

Sinful Colours are available at

I think I did ok with the diamonds. It's the first time I've ever tried any sort of 'tessellation' design like this before. I did find though, that the shapes were not all uniform which made my life slightly more difficult.

The diamonds are £1.50 fir approx 250 pieces from

WN x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nicole by OPI - Leopard nail art!

Half way through the week! Hooray. I don't like this week, I've decided.


If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember a little while ago I posted this tweet - 


- and you may have been wondering, 'Hey Holly, where's the swatches?!'

Well that day has arrived. Kinda.

I didn't want to just swatch the colours, because quite frankly, I'm bored of that! So I picked two and did a little cheeky bit of leopard print with them.

I chose to use My Empire...My Rules (the mink-y brown) and Ladies in the Limelight (the pale yellow).

I swatched them first for you using two coats of the brown and three of the yellow as the formula was a lot thinner.

I then used Barry M Black to complete the design.

The only thing that I can say that I dislike about NOPI is the shape of the bottle. I am not a fan of this and the space it takes up in my polish drawers. But to be honest, that may be the only thing I don't get on with.

The colours are lovely and the formula of the brown especially was great, as the yellow took three coats for full opacity.

Nicole by OPI is OPI's version of a 'drugstore' brand, which is often endorsed by celebrities. These polishes, for example, are part of the 'Kardashian Kolors' collection. Others include Justin Beiber, the TV show Modern Family, Selena Gomez and most recently Carrie Underwood.

As you can see from my tweet, I got this set for £12.99 from TkMaxx, but NOPI are usually £7.99 each and are avaiable from Superdrug here in the UK.

WN x