Monday, 27 February 2012

Review and Swatches : Orly Hot Shots

I got these beauties from Buyapowa. If you're not familiar with the concept, basically, the more people buy a certain product, the cheaper it gets. It's genius!

This set was £16 (with additional £1 delivery charge) down from £26.75. Bargain. It's one of Orly's Mani Mini's range. All the polishes are 5.4ml and there was an Orly Nail Defense Protein Enriched Strengthener included with the set which is a full size 18ml.

Here come some shots of the polishes - 

Colours from left to right - Hottie, Hook Up, Holla, Blue Collar.

Protein Enriched Strengthener

Such fabulous bright, spring colours to bring a smile to your face! Especially 'cos it's raining today :(


Hottie - A hot pink creme. I'm not sure if you can really tell in the photo's that it is kinda orange towards the tips of my nails?! Weird. I do really like this colour though. Two coats.

Hook Up 

Hook Up - A yellow shimmer. This one's a bit sheer, so took three coats. I LOVE the finish of this one.


Holla - Orange creme. Not super bright, a little bit on the red side. Makes me think of fire! Two coats.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar - Glorious turquoise creme. Just have nothing else to say! Two coats.

I used the nail strengthener as a base and top coat, and it's super nice. Quick drying and good formula. The colours have a great formula and settle on the nail really well. The finish is nice and smooth, no patchy-ness! 

Overall, I'd like to share that I like Orly. Very much!

Hope you enjoy!

See you next time,

WN x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Award Season : Oscar's

Sunday the 26th will be the night of the 84th annual Academy Awards! And, more importantly it will see the end of my award season series. I've had a lot of fun doing this series and I hope you've enjoyed them all too :)

Without further ado, here come the Oscar nails - 

Award anyone? ;)

I used 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Knockout Red, NARS Kismet, Barry M 320 Gold Foil and 47 Black.

- Start with your basecoats. Especially if you're using this specific red 'cos it stains like a mofo!
-  Next I used the NARS gold to make a kinda spot-light effect in the background
- Then, the gold foil to paint the award, and a bit more NARS to add a little detail. The idea is to make the award more real than just a flat shape!
- Lastly, I added the black across the bottom just to add that finishing touch
- Top coat to seal it all in.

I'm looking forward to the awards, and ofcourse the E! red carpet coverage :)

Hope you enjoy these nails, and have a fabulous weekend!

See you next week....

WN x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Red Sky At Night

Apparently it's a good thing!

We had the most beautiful red night sky, and I thought that the colours were so pretty. So I put 'em on my nails :)

Like here - 

I used four colours for the background, Bourjois So Laque in 39 Jaune Trendy, Nails Inc in Ibiza Orange, Avon Color trend in Cherry Choc and Barry M 115 Red Black. I also used Barry M 47 Black for the clouds.

- Start with your basecoats
- Then two coats of the Bourjois yellow
- Next I used a cosmetic sponge to add the orange and the reds, fading from light to dark
- To finish the design, I used a small nail art brush and the black to paint the silhouetted clouds
- Top coat to end.

As usual with the sponging, I made a right mess! But don't forget we can always use a cotton bud in nail polish remover to clean up :)

I'm liking how these came out, and I hope you enjoy them!

See you Friday.........

WN x

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Glitter Fade

I'll give you two guesses as to the nature of today's blog.....

I got one of the Miss Sporty Transformer Top Coats in Sparkle Touch. It is ridiculous! So many colours! I'm like a Magpie honestly, anything shiny and I'm all over it.

Here is a photo of the polish - 

There's all kinds of glitters in here, blue, pink, green, red, good :)

Here are some nails - 

I used Barry M 47 Black as the base, but really any black will do! I thought it'd be the best way of showcasing this amazing polish! 

- Start with your basecoats
- Two coats of the black
- Next just layer up the glitter gradually concentrating more and more towards the tip of the nail
- I used two top coats to make the surface really smooth.

I'm loving this polish. It gives an amazing effect layered over a base colour. It'll work with loads of colours too as there's such a massive range of glitters packed in there.

Not bad for £1.99!!

Hope you enjoy :)

See you soon,

WN x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review : Cult Nails

The thing I love most about blogging, is that I get introduced to so many brands that I've never heard of before. From big to little, I love making new discoveries! One of my favourites, by far, has got to be Cult Nails. An independent, the brain-child of blogger Maria at

Cult nails recently celebrated it''s 1st birthday :D And as a treat, all postage was free all over the world! As Cult is only available from the U.S at the mo, I jumped at the chance and bought three - 

From left to right - Let Me Fly, Awakening, Iconic.

All swatches are without top and base coats.

Let Me Fly

Let Me Fly is a beautiful Sky blue with little silver glitter particles. I hate removing glitter polishes, but this was so easy and came off nearly almost as easily as a creme! Love it. Three coats.


Awakening is a hypnotising inky blue creme. I don't really have much to say about this colour, apart from that, for me, it's a special one. Three coats.


Iconic is a deep berry pink/red with teeny gold glitter particles and flakies. Er, so it's beautiful. It's a gift that keeps on giving :) Two coats.

These polishes glide on like a dream, and the finish is just incredible. They feel like a top end luxury polish to wear. I would absolutely recommend Cult Nails to anyone. Polishes are priced at $10 USD each, which comes out at about £8 GPB. You can get them at

In summary, me like.

See ya Friday!

WN x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Award Season : Grammy's

The Grammy's were on last night (or for me v. early this morning!). So, here come some musical nails - 

These were super easy. Basecoats, two coats of BarryM 66 Matt White and Bundle Monster Stamping Plate 207 using 47 Black. And obviously top coat!

Not my best, but hey, it was my first try!!

Unfortunately the awards were overshadowed by the shocking and untimely death of Whitney Houston. Such sad news, the loss of one of the last few legends of our time. I think the awards gave fitting tribute to her, and my thoughts are with her family.

I'll see you all Wednesday,

WN x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Award Season : BAFTA's

BAFTA's on Sunday! Naturally I have the E! red carpet on record :)

I wasn't sure what to do for these nails, so I decided to use the colours that game to mind from the awards and run with that. Went for a bit of a sponge - 

I used four colours, Barry M 47 Black and 289 Gold, Models Own Bronze Rage and Nails Inc Ibiza Orange.

- Start with your basecoats
- Then three coats of the gold
- Next just sponge the other colours on top. I started with the black, then bronze then orange.
- Top coat to end.

These are growing on me. I wasn't sure I liked them when I first did them, but I like them now! And they're one of those that look better from a distance!!!! You know what I mean......

The only thing about sponging for me is that I can never clean them up right after, but I'm getting there!

Who would you like to see win? I gunning for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. And I hope Chris Hemsworth wins rising star, I loved Thor, and I can't wait for The Avengers!!

As the Grammy's are on on the same night, I'll post some Grammy nails on Monday :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Paul & Joe SS12 - Kitten Collection

Mostly, I'm excited about the packaging of this collection!! Obviously the products are fabulous too...... Check out the collection on the Paul&Joe website.

I just think the whole thing is genius. So cute, and they've obviously put a lot of thought and creativity into the collection and it shows!

After splashing on all three Chanel spring polishes, I could only afford the one, so I went for 026 - Kitten Claws. A beautiful dusty pink creme.

Here come the pictures!!!!

How cute is the 'miaow'!!

I used two coats int he pictures, and as you can see, there's a little bit of patchy-ness, but I'm sure with another coat they would've been just fine. This polish also has that lov-er-ly scent that is such a nice touch!

Er, so basically, I really like this polish, and because of the presentation, the rest of the collection too! (Did you see the kitty blusher sticks?!?!)

Hope you enjoy, and I'll see you Friday :)

WN x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Review : Avon

My Avon came yesterday, and I was so excited about this colour, I just had to share it!!

The colour is an Avon Nailwear Pro and the colour is Orange Creamsicle - 


Three coats here. I think this colour is just so pretty for spring. I'm loving pastels at the mo, but this is still quite vibrant so thumbs up from me!

I couldn't leave this blog so small and pathetic, so I thought I'd review Avon while I was here!

I quite love Avon nail colours. I only own three though! (and a couple of the matte ones which I proper love). I found this one needed three coats as after two it was a lil bit patchy, but as an end result I have zero complaints!

Avon have offers on quite often so the polishes can be half price (£3) which for the size of them (12ml) is fabulous. But I'd say that £6 at full price is still pretty good for the quality and size of the product.

All in all WellNailed<3Avon.

Check out the Avon website.

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend!

I'm going to visit my baby brother at uni :)

See you on the flip side........

WN x

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Bit of stamping for you today lovelies! 

Just looking through my new plates, and came across this design - 

Just the two colours for this one, Barry M 317 Blue Moon and 47 Black. I used the e.l.f Matte Finishing top coat and Bundle Monster stamping plate BM 225.

- Basecoats to begin with, obviously!
- Two coats of the blue next. I just used the two coats as I wanted to keep it quite sheer
- Next, just stamp the design on top with the black
- Matte top coat to finish!

Proper super duper easy. I wanted to use keep the blue quite sheer to mirror the foggy, frosty hideous weather we've been having recently :( And I think that the matte top coat just finished off that general creepy-ness nicely. 

I was not made for the cold!

I hope you enjoy these nails :)

I'll see you Friday with a colour I cannot wait to show you!!!!

WN x