Wednesday, 26 February 2014



I have actually got round to putting the 250 follower giveaway together! It opens tonight at 7.30 GMT and will close in 4 weeks time at midnight. 

Here's what is included - 

Water decals from
+ Bows and Hearts Fake tattoos from
+ Toe Separators
+ Emite Make Up Eye Lash Curlers
+ Nail Art rhineston set by
+ imPRESS Press on manicure by
+ Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream from
Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Broze
+ 360 Length Mascara by
Seche Nail Lacquer in Not Easily Swept Away
+ Gunmetal by Headline Colors
B. Quick One Coat nail polish in Cosmical
Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Lanesborough Place
Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Countess Road
Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Battersea
Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Bristol
+ San Francisco Mini Collection by OPI
Ciate Paint Pot in Cocktail Dress
+ Mosaic Flowers nail wraps by Avon


Monday, 17 February 2014

Avon Nailwear Pro+ - Savage

Good grief, I have never had so much trouble photographing a colour in my whole life! 

The colour is so pretty, and I would call it a deep turquoise. However, I just couldn't get that gorgeous tone :-(

I think the most accurate photo is the first one.

All swatches are two coats with a base and top coat.

I do really love this colour, I just wish you could see how pretty it is too!

Avon Nailwear Pro+ is currently half price at only £3 at

WN x

Friday, 14 February 2014

PR - Chanel Le Rouge: Collection Variation De Chanel

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day! I hope you  have a great day, whatever it is you may be doing ;-)

Please enjoy the following Press Release for the new Le Rouge Collection from Chanel. The collection is 98% lip products, but there's one cheeky nail colour in there that's definitely worth a mention :-)

The collection is available from today.



Launching 14th February 2014 


Each moment begins with the smile of your choice. 
In 2014, the COLLECTION VARIATION offers a multitude of colours and effects. 
 Three harmonies provide an array of delicate or more intense shades: natural, pink-red and violet-plum. 
 A palette that is interpreted by shiny, satiny or velvet lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils, each in their own way, to heighten emotions.

Rouge Coco                                                                                                                                         £24.00
(Hydrating Crème Lip Colour)
Chéri 61 – Limited Edition
Irrésistible 62 – Limited Edition
ROUGE COCO SHINE                                                                                                                          £24.00
(Hydrating Sheer Lipshine)
Mutine 90 – Limited Edition
Satisfaction 89
Emotion 92
Bohème 91

ROUGE ALLURE                                                                                                                                  £25.00
(Luminous Intense Lip Colour)
Conquise 144
Fougueuse 138

ROUGE ALLURE                                                                                                                                 £25.00
(Luminous Satin Lip Colour)
Rayonnante 145

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET                                                                                                                  £25.00
(Luminous Matte Lip Colour)
La Malicieuse 46
L’Amoureuse 47

LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES                                                                                                                 £21.00
(Glossimer for Lips)
Bliss 181
Tocade 182

LE CRAYON LÈVRES                                                                                                                         £17.50
(Précision Lip Definer)
Rose Clair 88
Beige Satin 89

LE VERNIS                                                                                                                                           £18.00
(Nail Colour)
Coup De Coeur 609

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

China Glaze - Sea Goddess swatches!

*Press Samples*

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

Today, I am super excited to be able to share with you swatches of three of the shades from the new Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze.

The swatches all have two coats of colour with a base coat. I have then taken photo's with and without a top coat so you can see the difference in the finish.

Initially, these polishes dry to a textured almost sandy finish. (Which really fits the theme of the collection!) Once you add a top coat, they smooth out a bit but still feel slightly rough to the touch.

The first colour I have is Sand Dolla Make You Holla, a white polish packed with all different shades of glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

I like this shade, it makes me think of the paradise of a white sandy beach as the sun shines :)

Next is Shell We Dance, a rosy pink polish with pink and silver glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

Shell We Dance is a lovely sparkling pink. It reminds me of the colours of a coral reef or tropical fish!

Finally is Teal The Tide Turns which is a light minty green with green glitter.

Without top coat - 

With top coat - 

This one my favourite of the three! I just imagine mermaids when I look at this shade.

I found these nice and easy to apply, however they do dry fast so you have to work quite quickly. If you're like me and are still loving a textured polish, I think these are for you. They're quite thin, however I think two coats is enough as three would be too much on the nail and it would look a bit gross!

Check out the official Press Release for more info :)

WN x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Accessorize 'Illusion' Nail Polish - Pink Spice

When you suddenly have to make a decision between paying for delivery, or buying yourself something pretty and getting free delivery, what do you pick?! I always cave and buy myself something pretty :)

I was in this dilemma last week and bought myself this lovely pink sparkly number by Accessorize.

Swatches show two coats of polish with base and top coat. 

*With flash to show the colour shift*

Pink spice in a really dimensional colour, packed with glitter particles to give it that 3D look, hence the name 'Illusion'.

There is also a really great colour shift to a coppery orange shade when the light changes.

However, I will say that there was tip wear after only a day, even with a top coat, so this is probably a colour I'd wear to an occasion or when I know I only need a days wear out of it. Never the less, still a beautiful polish!

Accessorize nail polishes are £4 each and available at

WN x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Beautybay Collection - Fun of The Fair Trio

I was super excited when I came across these trio's on! I think they're a great way to introduce yourself to a brand, and they're a bargain too :) Individual polishes are £5 each, however the trio's are £10. So you're basically getting three for the price of two. Who wouldn't love that!

The trio I bought is called 'Fun of The Fair' and has three creme colours including a bright yellow, a raspberry red and a mauve-y pink shade. 

All swatches have two coats of colour with a base and top coat.

Quotes from

First is Las Vegas Boulevard - 

  • Las Vegas Boulevard 12ml - A bright fuchsia polish with a hint of purple. Viva Las Vegas! A vibrant blend of pink and purple shades inspired by the bright neon lights of the casinos and magnificent shows of the Las Vegas Strip. This vivid fuchsia will look amazing worn on toes in flip flops during the hot days and fabulous in peep toe heels for those glamorous evenings!
I would say that this polish is more mauve toned than a bright fuchsia. Never the less, still my favourite of the three! Not my favourite formula, but once the top coat is applied, those annoying little lumps and bums melt away.

Next up is Bourbon Street - 

  • Bourbon Street 12ml - A bright, vibrant yellow polish. Get ready for Mardi Gras with this dazzling, zesty yellow polish. Inspired by the bright colours and flamboyant costumes of the parades, Bourbon Street is full of vibrancy and excitement. Get ready for the carnival atmosphere and join in the festival spirit with this polish that is bursting with energy! This fun sunshine yellow polish is free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde and the ideal colour choice when you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.
You can't go wring with a bright yellow creme! This one would probably give the best finish with three thinner coats rather than two normal coats as I found the finish a little patchy. A must have shade for every collection.

Finally is Freemont Street - 

  • Fremont Street 12ml - A hot raspberry pink polish. Bright neon signs, glittering lights, live music – Fremont Street is not just another night out in Las Vegas; it’s the ultimate night out in downtown Las Vegas!  So let your hair down and get the party started with this fabulous raspberry pink polish and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
This is definitely a raspberry shade, however I'd call it a raspberry red rather than a pink. A gorgeous and fun colour, this one had the best formula as it could have almost got away with one coat.  

I'm super happy with this trio. I think they're definitely worth the £10 price tag! Available at

Hope you enjoy, and are having a great weekend :-)

WN x