Thursday, 29 December 2011

NYE Part 2

I don't know if you're aware, but on Sunday it will officially be 2012!!!! Can't actually believe how quick 2011 went by! Anyway here are my 2012 nails - 

Wonder what they're inspired by?! ;)

I used Models Own Beetle Juice Emerald Black, e.l.f Twinkle, Barry M 320 Foil and Avon Nailwear Pro in Sequined Turquoise.

- Basecoats to start with
- Then three coats of the Emerald Black. I must say I'm not too impressed with the formula of this one, but the colour pay off is incredible!
- One coat of Twinkle for an extra bit of sparkle. It is New Years after all!
- Next, using a small nail art brush, I added the gold foil
- And to finish off the design I used the Avon Turquoise glitter for the middle of the numbers.
- Top coat to seal.

A little bit of something special to ring in the new year!

I hope you all have a safe and fabulous night on Saturday :)

And I'll see you in 2012!!!!

WN x

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NYE Part 1

Today's nails are a New Years Eve kind of fireworks ish look! Basically I used fireworks as my inspiration, but it was just a good excuse to play with foils and glitters! Here are the nails - 


I used loadsa colours! Chanel Black Pearl as the base colour. Then Barry M 319 Silver Foil and an exclusive to Superdrug Lilac Foil. I also used 150 Red Glitter, 297 Blue Glitter and 298 Green Glitter. I also used No7 Milan which is the pink glitter.

- Basecoats to start
- Then three coats of the base colour.
- Next I basically just made patterns with the foils and glitters using a dotting tool!
- Top coat to seal it all in.

I think my favourite design is the ring finger, as it's most simple yet most effective.

Here's a swatch of Black pearl on it's own because I think it deserves one - 

See you Friday :)

WN x

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Holly

Had to be really didn't it!!

I can't believe that this is my last one before Christmas :D:D
I also can't believe that when I started this festive series, you could have painted me green and called me the Grinch! Things have most definitely turned around since then :) are my final Christmas nails - 

I had to use my new China Glaze set for this! Holly Day and Winter Berry, and I also used Barry M 320 Gold foil and 289 Gold.

- Basecoats obvioulsy
- Then one coat of the gold foil followed by one coat of the gold. I added to gold over the foil as it has teeny bits of glitter in and the more the merrier at christmas!
- Next I added the berries, using none other than Winter Berry from CG and a small dotting tool. I added the rhinestones to my ring finger because it's Christmas and I wanted to :)
- Nest I added to Holly leaves using Holly Day and and a small nail art brush.
- Top coat to finish.

These are probably my fave's from the series, but you all know I'm biased towards things with the same name as me! Not the easiest, but totally worth it :):)

That's it from me, I'll see you all next week.

And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

WN xxxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Snow!

So, it's not looking promising for a white Christmas :( But I decided that if it wont snow in real life, it can snow on my nails! - 

Didn't clean up my thumb very well!!!! Only two polishes :O I used Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream and 17 Nail Tip Whitener.

- Basecoats to start
- Then I just used one coat of the blue, as I found it really opaque anyway, and most of it will get covered by the white
- Next, I sponged the white on to create the gradient (ish!). I'm obviously not very good at those yet!
- To finish the look I added the rhinestones to give a bit of Christmas sparkle :)
- Top coat to seal.

I love these. Easy and not very fussy but lovely for this time of year!

Hop you enjoy, see you Friday for the last one before the big day!

WN x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Canes

Candy Canes! Yum! Today's nails are super easy and quick - 

I used Barry M 66 Matt White and 47 Black and 17 Knockout Red.

- Basecoats to start
- Then two coats of the white
- Next, using a thin nail art brush I added the stripes in the red
- I used a dotting tool to draw the cane on my ring finger
- Top coat to finis.

Really, these take no time at all and I think think they're fun :)

Short and sweet!

I hope you like them! See you next time....

WN x

Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Tree

So, I couldn't possibly do a Christmas series without doing tree's! So here they are - 

Quite a few colours for this. Barry M 284 Emerald Green, 134 Yellow, 273 Raspberry, 129 Chocolate Brown, 312 Indigo and 320 Gold Foil. I also used Avon Vanilla Shake for the base.

- Basecoats to start, then three coats of the Avon to make a nice neutral base
- I started with the green for the trees
- Then, I did the gold for the stars on my thumb and little finger
- Next I added the dots on my index and ring fingers for the baubles,
- And I finished off my middle finger with the brown for the tree trunk and the red for the pot.
- Top coat to seal it all in.

I used a small nail art brush for all the work except the baubles, for which I used a dotting tool.

I hope you like them, and have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Claus

Today, it's Santa's turn. Because he is real! Alright?!
I went for the traditional red outfit. Obvs.
This is the design - 

Just makes me smile this one!

I used three Barry M 262 Bright Red, 47 Black and 320 Gold Foil. I also used the 17 Nail Tip Whitener.

- Absolutely need the basecoats for this one, if you want avoid stains!
- I used two coats of the red
- Then I added two coats of the white on the tips
- To complete the design, I painted the black for the belt and the gold for the belt buckle using a small nail art brush
- Top coat to seal.

A bit of fun for Christmas!

See you Friday...

WN x

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Pud

I'm giving in. It's time for some Christmas nails. Just because I can't do festive, doesn't mean you lot should be deprived of Christmas mani's!!
You may have guessed that today's nails are Christmas puddings. Weirdly, I don't even like them, but I must say, they make for some pretty tasty nails :)

Here they are - 

Om. Nom. Nom.

I used two Barry M for this one, 47 Black and 129 Chocolate Brown, my 17 Nail tip whitener and my two new China Glaze beauties, Holly Day and Winter Berry.

- Basecoats to start, especially as I'm using black.
- I wanted a darker brown than any that I had, so I did one coat of the black then a coat of brown on top.
- Next I used the white to make the 'icing'. I like using this Tip Whitener from 17 for this as it has a teeny little angled brush, which makes it a lot easier to do more detailed work!
- Then I added the berries using a dotting tool, and the leaves with a small nail art brush.
- Top coat to finish.

These require a bit of patience! But I'd never done any 'icing' before, and as we know these are my first go, so it was a bit more difficult than I had first anticipated!!

I think they look alright though :)

See you next time....

WN x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review : China Glaze

I wasn't going to do this today, but I just got so excited when I came home to a little box on my doorstep, I couldn't help myself!!!
As my name is Holly, I get super carried away when I see a nail polish called 'Holly' I must own it.
I've wanted to get my hands on some China Glaze for a while, but I could not decide what colours to get! So when I saw this Christmas gift set I bought it in a heartbeat :)
The set it called 'Holly Bear-y' and it comes like this - 

How cute is that?!
Two full size polishes and a little Holly bear gift, I just love it.
Close up of the polishes - 

On the left is Winter Berry and on the right is Holly Day. Argh!
Here they are swatched - 

Winter Berry

Winter Berry

Holly Day

Holly Day

I've decided that I actually love China Glaze. So there ;)

This set cost me £9.95 and I found it on good old Amazon.
Have a fabulous weekend guys!

See you Monday,

WN x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Let It Glitter

I decided that I would actually get round to submitting some nail art to Cutex this time! They're looking for wintery nail art at the mo so here is what I came up with - 

I don't know about you, but it's been snowing a bit up here for the last couple of days, so I thought I'd give snow a go! As I didn't want to just do snow flakes in the conventional sense, I used a glitter instead.

Three Barry M colours for this, 66 Matt White, 180, I'm not sure of the name of this one as it's discontinued (sorry!), buts it's an iridescent icy blue, and 244 Hologram Hexagrams.

- Start off with basecoats
- Then three coats of the white to make it super opaque and smooth
- Next I used two coats of the blue to do the tips
- Finally, I just kept layering the glitter over the white to make the snowy effect. 
- Top coat to seal.

Look out for my design on the Cutex website or Facebook page!
If anyone else is interested in submitting nail art, you can do it here.

WN x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Nail Cocktail

You know when sometimes you think "I wonder what'd happen if I did ____ to my nails?" Well, last night I was thinking "I wonder what would happen if I blobbed polish on my nails and dragged a cocktail stick through it?" 
So I did it, and here's what happened - 

This is one of the times where (I think!) it actually came off! I don't mean to sound so surprised, but these random flashes of inspiration don't always work...
Cheeky bit of orange on my thumb there!

Four Barry M colours 161 Vivid Purple, 272 Shocking Pink, 300 Acid Yellow and 301 Block Orange. I also Used Chlorophyll from OCC.

- I know I always say to use two basecoats, but I defo would with the purple!
- Then two coats of the glorious purple
- Next, I just put a blob of each colour on to the nail, dragged a cocktail stick through it to create the pattern.
- I did one colour at a time for this, so pink on every nail, then green etc.. I just found it easier this way, but obviously whatever works for you!
- Top coat to finish.

I loved doing this one, and I love the way it came out :) 

Hop you enjoy, see you next time!

WN x

Friday, 2 December 2011

Oh My God, It's Nearly Christmas!!

All of a sudden, It's December! What?! I thought I should try to get into the Christmas spirit. And what is more festive than glitters! They may be a pain in the bum to remove, but they do look fabulous and they never fail to cheer me up :) So, I broke out the glitters and created this look - 

Super glittery. It really did start me on a Christmas trip!
For this I used Chanel White Satin as a base, then e.l.f in Twinkle (if that's not a festive name, I don't know what is!) and Barry M in 150 Red Glitter and 298 Green Glitter.

- Basecoats to start
- Then two coats of the Chanel. It gave the most beautiful, milky white, transparent base for the glitter.
- Two coats of the e.l.f Twinkle next.
- And two coats of each of the red and green glitters for the stripes. 
- Top coat to hold it all in!

This was easy peasy and took no time at all! Perfect at this time of year as everyone's so busy!

Have a fabulous weekend :)

WN x