Friday, 31 May 2013

Models Own - Banana Split

When I picked up my Models Own Splash collection polishes, I just had to get another one..... Well they were 3 for 2!

The colour I chose is from their Fruit Pastel collection and is called Banana Split - 

I've got to say, I'm not 100% happy with the formula of this polish. I am wearing three coats in the pics and you can see it's still a bit streaky. Such a shame because I absolutely LOVE the colour! 

However, it does smell a-mazing. Do you remember those foam banana sweets? This polish smells just like those, and I love it so much. Even after applying my top coat the scent still came through which is great.

Models Own polishes are £5 each and you can check them out at

WN x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pedi-Sox - Review + Giveaway!

Howdy polish peeps!

Today I have something a bit different for you all, and my first ever WellNailed giveaway!!!

I'm so excited.

Just to warn you all, this post will include a picture of my feet. Sorry!

A month or so ago I received an email from a lady named Pamela, who is the founder of 'Pedi-Sox', asking whether I would be willing to write a blog on Pedi-Sox in exchange for some samples. She also floated the idea of a give away, to which I of course said yes!

Info from the official website ->

What Are Pedi-Sox?

Pedi-Sox® are unique one-of-a-kind toeless pedicure sock.
Designed to provide solutions to pedicure dilemmas, Pedi-Sox® luxuriate & prolong the pleasure of the pedicure experience - year-round.

What Are The Benefits?

• Feet Stay Comfy & Cozy...
   those tile floors can be so cold in the winter.
• Sox Aid Moisturizer Absorption ...for softer smoother feet.
• Feet Stay Clean ...freshly pedicured feet are magnets to dust 
   & small hair clippings.
• Toenails Dry Flawless ...just what every girl wants.

• Repair Heels...Pedi-Sox® are essential to repair dry cracked skin.
• Lock-In Benefits....of healing serums, creams and treatments.
• Callus Elimination...Pedi-Sox® help soften & fade calluses.

• Now you can do Pedicures Year Round.....
   even in the coldest winter months.
• Simply..... skin will look and feel healthier.
• Fun & Fashionable ...all this & more!

How Would I Use Them?

Just slip on Pedi-Sox® at the end of the end of the pedicure process, right before the toennails are painted. You can either walk out the door in sox alone or slip into sandals. It's that easy!

Where Can I Get Them?

Retail Customers:   Here our shopping Cart.  Click on the Products you want and add to cart.   Its that easy !

Professional Nail Techs:  Click here to Register for a Professional Wholesale Account.
or  Call us Toll-Free:  888 536 1577
or  Email us:

Distributor Inquiries:
Call us:  714 898 2400

or  Email us:


Pamela sent me 4 pairs of the socks! How nice is that :) I used the leopard

print pair because I wanted them(!) and

I'm going to give a pair to my sister 'cos I'm nice like that, so I have two 
pairs to give away to you guys.

Here comes the foot pic (I'm wearing Chanel Frenzy on my tootsies)- 

And these are the Pedi-Sox I have to give away - 

Links to all the Pedi-Sox social media -

The giveaway will be open between 29.05.13 and 07.06.13 and will close at 12pm GMT. Enter here - 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Review + Swatch - Sinful Colors

I don't know how I managed to stay unaware of this, but Sinful Colors have landed in Boots stores across the UK. I KNOW.

Sinful Colors is an American brand which started in beauty salons in the early nineties. And now, they're here :)

I picked up one colour to try from Boots, which is called Blue By You - 

I'm wearing two coats of Blue By You.

I think I've fallen in love with Sinful Colors. The formula of this polish is like a dream, and the colour is just so beautiful. 

The greatest part of this whole thing? Polishes cost £1.99. What an absolute bargain! I bought mine at Boots, and you can check out Sinful Colors HERE.

WN x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Models Own - Splash

After seeing pics of the new Splash collection from Models Own, I was so looking forward to trying them! On my latest escapade to Boots, I picked up two of the colours which I have swatched for you today.

Splash collection includes five flakies, and I'm loving that high street brands are branching out and designing polishes using different effects like these :)

The first colour is Red Sea - 

I must say, I'm not a massive fan of this one! I picked it because I was intrigued really, but I wasn't blown away, however I did have huge expectations of this collection. I'm not saying I hate it, it's just not my favourite! I'm wearing two coats of Red Sea over Chanel Cinema.

The other colour I picked is Mermaid Tears - 

Now this one, I like! I'm wearing two coats over Barry M Vivid Purple. 

Models Own polishes are £5 each, check them out at, and I bought mine from Boots.

WN x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Essie - We're In It Together

Today, I have a swatch to share from an Essie polish which I received in my April Glossybox. The box itself was lovely as they'd teamed up with Pearl Lowe, who designed a vintage, floral print for the packaging. (You can see it HERE). 

The polish I received is called 'We're In It Together' and it's from the Breast Cancer Awareness collection of 2012 - 

This colour is so pretty. A pale pink creme base with light blue shimmer running through. Perfect for spring, as was the aim of the box! I also really enjoy the fact that we we're sent a full size polish :) what a bargain. I'm wearing two coats in the pictures.

Check out Glossybox - HERE
And Essie - HERE

WN x

Monday, 20 May 2013

Orly - High on Hope

I managed to buy two polishes from Orly's 'Hope & Freedom Fest' collection without even knowing it. Talk about a happy accident! You can check out my review of Boho Bonnet HERE, but today I have High on Hope to share with you - 

High on Hope is a 'luscious navy with a twist of purple shimmer', and I think it also has a bronze shift to the shimmer as well.

I am wearing three coats on the pics, and I think that the formula is so nice. Obvs I'd prefer less coats as it'd take less time to do my mani, however it doesn't bother me too much as you get an amazing 18ml of product from Orly, and I'm never gonna get through all that!

Polish cost £7.50 and, you guessed it, it's from!

WN x

Friday, 17 May 2013


A few weeks ago I received a really exciting email from a lovely lady named Sarah-Jane with an invite to the launch of the Sophy Robson x England Netball nail designs. The launch date was the 8th of May and unfortunately I couldn't go :(, however her equally as lovely colleague Charlotte sent me the official press release for the event, and that's what I have to share with you today.

Sophy is a huge name in the nail world, and I've been a big fan for a long time. Links to everything below!



For the millions who tuned into the London 2012 Olympics last year, it was impossible to miss the collection of globally-inspired nail designs created by London’s hottest nail artist, Sophy Robson. For the Olympic athletes and for women around the world, the designs were a colourful statement demonstrating that active ladies can be as stylish as they are sporty.

Now, Sophy Robson is back as part of an exclusive partnership with England Netball in a bid to engage bright young women in the game and to ensure that tomorrow’s sporting stars are always a step ahead when it comes to the latest nail art trends.

As part of the partnership, the Olympic nail icon has created a series of unique ‘Netball Nail’ designs created especially for short nails – so girls can still be super stylish whilst keeping the umpire happy! The seven styles, each with their own unique name, have been created exclusively for the England Netball team, but can be easily replicated at home so sports-loving ladies everywhere can enjoy the look too.

Joanna Adams, Marketing Director at England Netball comments: “We understand that looking great is just as important to young women as keeping active and healthy. With this in mind, our partnership with Sophy Robson is all about showing active women everywhere that it is 100% possible to combine sport with style.

“Netball players have to cut down their nails for safety reasons, but we think these designs will show women that they can still look fantastic make a real statement about themselves and their love for the game.”

Netball Nail designs:

Tangerine Dream
Netball Loving
Loud and Proud
Animal Passion
Girl on Fire
Spots and Stripes
I Heart Netball
For more information on the netball nails campaign, including ‘How To’ tips from Sophy Robson, visit  


I think this collab is a genius idea! And if it encourages girls to get involved with sport and to get active, it can't be a bad thing :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Essie - Maximillian Strasse Her

I'm very excited to share Maximillian Strasse Her from Essie. I saw this colour online and was shocked. I don't own a colour like this!

Well, I didn't. I do now obvs!

Maximillian Strasse Her is from Essie's Spring '13 collection 'Madison Ave Hue' and is described as a 'chic grey creme with green undertones' and I have officially fallen in love.

Absolutely the perfect colour for Spring and I got so many complements when I was wearing it too. I love it when people comment on my nail colour :) it means I've made a good choice!

Polish cost £8.50 on

WN x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mavala - Bamako (with Sparkling Blue)

I actually love a bit of Mavala, and I think they're one of the most underrated brands in the polish world. The range of not only colours, but treatments and tools is huge and has become a firm favourite of mine over the years :)

Anyway, enough fan-girling, today I have a polish from the latest collection for SS13 'Chilli and Spice' to show you called Bamako - 

Bamako is described as a 'mysterious emerald green'! I love this colour so hard. I'm wearing two glorious coats in the photos. 

When I bought Bamako, I had an accident and bought Sparkling Blue by Mavala also. Oops! Sparkling Blue is a 'dazzling top coat' from the Show Time Collection of Winter 2011.

Here's an accent nail and a macro shot - 

Part of the attraction for me is that Mavala polishes are only 5ml, and for those (like me) that never actually finish nail polishes, this saves on waste and the emotional times of having to throw out horrid old polishes!

Both cost £4.00 and are from

And you can check out Mavala HERE.

WN x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Orly - Boho Bonnet

Today, I have a swatch of Boho Bonnet from Orly to share with you.

The polish is from the 'Hope & Freedom Fest' collection for Spring '13, and is a 'soft grey creme, with hints of blue' - 

I really enjoyed wearing Boho Bonnet. However, I didn't enjoy the formula! I have three coats in the pictures and you can still see that it's a teeny bit patchy. Nothing that I can't get over, but I do expect more from Orly to be honest.

Never the less, still a beautiful colour and I'm glad I bought it!

Polish coat £7.50 and I got mine at

WN x