Monday, 31 March 2014

Butter London - Thames

I'm back on this fine Monday with another Butter London polish to share.

When I posted Trustafarian, I said that I have so many BL polishes and have only swatched about three of them so I've decided to get them all swatched for you guys and I'll probably do one every week or so :-)

Today's BL polish is called Thames and is a gorgeous metallic aqua blue. Which is ironic to me as the Thames river is definitely not as beautiful a colour as this!

Swatches are two coats of colour with top and base coat.

I feel like this polish could have done with another coat. It looked ok on the nail but once I've checked out the photographs properly, another coat is justified. I think it would also look amazing with one thin coat layered over a dark shade to give it that transforming quality.

I do love this colour very much.

Butter London nail colours are £12, check out the range at

WN x

P.S - I apologise for my gross cuticles....!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Models Own HyperGel - Pink Veneer

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you're all having a great week and have some even better weekends planned :-)

When I bought the Models Own Speckled Egg polishes, they were having a 6 for £20 (which is still on!!) so I bought one of the new HyperGel polishes too, as it would probably have been rude not to.....

The colour I picked is Pink Veneer, and I have just swatched two coats of colour, no base or top coat.

When I applied to first coat, I must admit I was quite pessimistic! I thought the colour pay off was quite weak, and was looking forward to a quick and easy one coat mani. 

However, the colour looks great after two coats and that shine though!!

The finish is nice and smooth even without the top coat and I was really impressed with the super glossy finish.

I can't comment on longevity however as I only wore it to swatch. Have you worn them for longer? How did they last?

Finally, I LOVE the coloured top that tells you what shade the polish is! Great for storing in my polish drawer :-)

HyperGel polishes are £5 at

WN x

Monday, 24 March 2014

MeMeMe - Rebellious

Today I have a super quick swatch to share today!

I have had this colour by MeMeMe for a little while so it's about time I shared it :-)

The colour is called Rebellious and is a gorgeous metallic olive green. The swatches are two coats of colour with a top and base coat - 

I can't decide about this one!

On one hand it's a gorgeous colour and I loved wearing it, especially in the glorious sunshine we've had recently. However, I didn't like the formula very much, I found that it dragged quite a bit on application and it chipped the next day. 

This colour would be prefect for an occasion though, as it's super chic and it wouldn't matter if it came off the next day!

WN x


Friday, 21 March 2014

Models Own - Speckled Egg

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm super excited today, I've just booked a holiday :-) This is why this blog is so late today. I wish I could say I'm sorry but I'm too giddy!!

Back to nails....

The 12th of march saw the Models Own Speckled Egg collection launch on their website and in Superdrug (they launched in Boots on the 19th). Five pastel shades with different sized matte black glitter particles to give the 'speckled' effect. 

Models Own are currently running a 6 for £20 promotion until the 8th of April (polishes normally £5 each) so I bought all five colours!

Colours from left to right are : Swan; Magpie; Duck; Goose and Dove

First up is the lilac purple Swan - 

Magpie next, which is a aqua green and my favourite from the collection - 

Third up is Duck, a pastel blue - 

The yellow, Goose, is next. This one looks kinda muddy is the bottle but on the nail is gorgeous - 

And finally the baby pink Dove - 

Polishes cost £5, check out for more!

Wn x

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fake Tattoos

*Press Samples*

A few weeks ago (I know, I'm rubbish!) a lovely lady named Ana from a Swedish company named Fake Tattoos emailed me asking if I would be interested in receiving some of their products. So, off to the website I went and decided that this would something I would love! 

Fake Tattoos are temporary tattoos for skin, nails and lips. They work just like normal temporary tattoos, you peel of the plastic and press down on the card with a wet cotton ball (or whatever you prefer to use). Then, you carefully peel off the wet paper and the tattoo is left on your skin.

I used to love these things when I was a kid! I'm sure I can blame them for my actual tattoos ;-)

Ana very kindly sent me two sets, Arty (which are the one's featured) and Hearts & Bows which I have included in the Giveaway.

I have layered to tattoos over one coat of Chanel White Satin.

I think I did alright for my first go, and I'm pretty sure that the cracking is due to my pressing down too hard, and my shaking hands! 

I had fun using these and thinking about the design possibilities :) and in the end being creative it what it's all about!

Check out the full range of products, and find Fake Tattoos on Facebook and Twitter.

WN x

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Butter London - Trustafarian

Sometimes, I could kick myself.

I own about 10 Butter London nail polishes, and have swatched about 2 so far for you guys?! Come on Holly, get your head in the game!! 

Anyway, today I have the super pretty Trustafarian to share today. This is a sage green polish with a holographic finish. Absolutely gorgeous.

I have swatched two coats of colour with a base and a top coat.

You can see in the close up the variations of glitter throughout the polish. I love it!

With flash to show off the sparkle :)

This polish was opaque enough with two coats, however I probably will do three thin coats in the future.

The formula is lovely and doesn't streak or pull when applied.

Butter London polishes are £12 each and I bought mine from, and you can check out the full range at

Hope you are having a good Monday so far, I am not!!

WN x

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Chanel - Taboo

I've been dying to swatch this polish!! I bought it at the same time as I bought Coup de Coeur, but I thought I'd leave it a little while so I didn't show two Chanel's after each other :-)

Taboo is one of those polishes that you hear about on the community and when you see it for yourself it's inevitable! I had to own it.

My swatches are two coats of colour with a base and top coat.

Taboo is a glorious deep purple base full to the brim with blue and red micro glitter that gives the most amazing shimmer and depth of colour.

The formula is nice, though after one coat you think it's going to be a disaster, but the following coat gives the smooth finish that we all know and love Chanel for.

I think I love this even more because it's not a 'classic' shade that Chanel are famous for. I love how different it is :-)

Taboo costs £18 and I bought mine from

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to enter my Twitter Giveaway!

Wn x

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sinful Colors - Let Me Go

I actually received this colour as a Christmas present, but totally forgot about it until the obligatory nail polish gathering when my room becomes a tip!

Sinful Colors Let Me Go is a wonderfully sheer polish which gives your base colour a beautiful shimmer. Depending on what your base colour is, Let Me Go shifts between blue and purple. As I used the deep navy blue, Essie Bobbing For Baubles for the base colour, Let Me Go shows as a gorgeous turquoise blue, with a slightly deeper blue / purple change.

The different angle of the nail shows the colour change.

I've only recently discovered Sinful Colors, but they've quickly become a firm favourite of mine. And not only because they're only £1.99 each!

Check out for a full range of products and you can buy online at

WN x

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Yves Rocher - Grege Nacre

Good Monday polish peeps!!

Today, I have a swatch of a lovely shimmer polish by Yves Rocher. The colour is called Grege Nacre, or Pearly Grege.

A pretty olive green shade with a mother a pearl type colour shift.

Swatches are two coats of colour with a base and top coat.

You can really see the depth of colour from the shimmer in the close up shot :)

I love these polishes, as they're so small I'm actually likely to use them instead of them sitting in a draw for years and going bad. 

The polishes are 3ml in size and are currently nearly half price at £1.95 on

WN x

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Illamasqua - Perseid

To celebrate Illamasqua's fifth birthday last October, they came together with four social media guru's to create their own Illamasqua products. What amazing opportunity that would be!!

The collection is named #CREATORS and features two nail varnishes, a sheer lip gloss and an intense lip gloss.

I chose the nail varnish in Perseid created by Suzi Tse, of Style Suzi.

The product comes with a card explaining about the #CREATORS collection.

Swatches are two coats of colour with a base and top coat.

Close up of Perseid in the bottle.

Perseid is a deep purple base packed with glitter particles of all sizes, and the tiny green glitter gives it a lovely depth with the colour shift.

This is one of those colours that only really comes to life in sunlight. However, it is still a beautiful colour non the less.

The #CREATORS collection takes its inspiration from the galaxy, and I think you can see by the close up shot of the polish in the bottle they've really achieved that! It feels endless and mysterious.

Unfortunately, I found that Perseid wasn't quite as long wearing as other Illamasqua shades I've used. But I think I would wear it for an occasion so as long as I get one night of wear, it's ok :-)

All the products from the #CREATORS collection are Limited Edition, so get them while you can!

Perseid costs £14.50 from

WN x

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