Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Review : Illamasqua x Selfridges

I am such a sucker for an exclusive! So true to form, when Selfridges announced the collab with Illamsqua, I was there. Illamasqua have created a colour identical to the famous Pantone 109 of Selfridges and it's so yummy :-)
The colour, called Self, comes in a duo with Scorch, a white creme, with encouragement from Illamasqua to use them to create some nail art, which is pretty cool.

Here come the pics - 

I used two coats of the white as a base then added the yellow over the top. 

As for Illamasqua, well... 

I think I love them. The formula is real nice on these polishes, and the colours are amazing! I have a couple of others that I still haven't swatched, but I promise I will one day! As a brand, Illamasqua is very me. Their tag line is 'Make up for your alter ego' which is exactly how I like to look at it. 

I'm not the biggest fan of the square lid, I must say, but I got over it!

The duo cost £21 from HERE
And you can check out Illamasqua HERE.

Hope you enjoy!
See you next time

WN x

Friday, 25 May 2012


Basically, I have THIS postcard on my pin board, and thought lets do some nails!

That's kind of it really...

So here are some nails - 

For this look I used two coats of Cult Nails - Let Me Fly as a base, e.l.f - Smoky Brown, Barry M - 66 Matt White and Paul & Joe - 026. And a couple of cheeky rhinestones for funsies.

Super quick and pretty, and a bit spur of the moment, but they're my favourite ones usually!

I hope you like! 

Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll see ya next week :-)

WN x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review : LAQA & CO, Nail Polish Pen

I got a couple of things from Selfridges recently, and one of the things I ordered was a LAQA & CO Nail Polish Pen in Nookie. Obviously the name of the colour is the reason I bought it! Not really. 
I've never seen or even heard of LAQA & CO before, so I thought I'd give it a try :-)

Here are some pictures - 

Nookie is a magenta creme. Super pretty and glamorous especially in this glorious weather that I'm trying to take advantage of while it's here!!

So basically, the deal is, pump the polish in the end, and it comes out the brush. Then away you go, straight from the pen. EASY! The polish is super opaque and would've probably only needed one decent coat even though I did two out of habit really. I liked the brush, but I thought it was just a wee bit wide for me. I am picky over my brushes! The finish wasn't as smooth as a conventional polish, but that is sorted right out with a top coat.

Overall, I approve of this!

Check out the LAQA & CO range on their website HERE
LAQA & CO Nail Polsh Pen's cost £11, and I bought mine at

Hope you enjoy :-)

See you soon

WN x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Swatches : Roses Ultimes De Chanel

Or 'Ultimate Pinks'! And well, yeah they pretty much are :-)
This collection from Chanel was released here in the U.K on 11th of May, and well, I bought them all :-/ But I did have points to spend so, really they ere a bargain.....

Anyway, here are some pictures -

From L-R - 543 Frisson; 545 Attraction; 549 Distraction; 541 Tentation

543 Frisson

543 Frisson - Super sheer pale pink with a gold shimmer. Three coats.

545 Attraction

545 Attraction - Silver-white metallic. Kinda reminds me of a Barry M foil. PRETTY!

549 Distraction

549 Distraction - Pinky-coral with a really REALLY subtle hot pink shimmer.

541 Tentation

541 Tentation - HOT pink pearl, outstanding pigmentation!

I generally love these polishes, as usual with Chanel! I think the colours all compliment each other beautifully and fit nicely into the 'ultimate pinks' title.
Yes they cost £17.50 each, but I deserved a treat! At least I think so anyway ;-)

Hope you enjoy and I'll see ya Friday!

WN x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Be Square...

Oh guys, I'm exhausted! I've started a Business course with the Open University, which is fine, but I just can't get used to studying again after 4 years...

Anyway, enough excuses, on with the nails. Here's the design what I did - 

I don't really have much to say on these, it was just one of those designs that came from nowhere and I didn't know what I was doing until I'd finished!

I used two coats of Bourjois 39 Jaune Trendy as a base and for the design I used Barry M 129 Chocolate Brown, Miss Sporty 17 and Chanel 533 April. 
I just used the brushes that come with the polishes to do the design, which was quite trying, I must admit!
Although, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out :-)

Hope you like!

See you next time,

WN x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Review : Barry M Magnetic Nail Paints

Those of you who regularly check out my blog, will know that I LOVE Barry M! I just think for £2.99 a pop and the huge range of colours you just can't go wrong :)

So when I heard that they were releasing a number of new colours I obviously bought them all! As well as new standard Nail Paints, Barry M have also brought out a range of four magnetics, which is what I'm showing ya today.

Lets start with some piccies - 

L-R 326 Dark Silver; 327 Burgundy; 328 Blue and 329 Violet

326 Dark Silver

326 Dark Silver

327 Burgundy

327 Burgundy

328 Blue

328 Blue

329 Violet

329 Violet

The thing I love the most about these, is that each colour comes with a different magnet, so you can switch up you colour and designs. They cost £4.99 each and I think that is a real bargain, as you can spend so much more and then more again for different magnets! 

The instuctions from - 

How to:
1. Apply a base coat and once dry a single coat of your magnetic nail paint.
2. Once dry... work with one nail at a time by applying the second coat of the magentic nail paint and immediately (while the nail paint is still wet) hover the magnet over the nail using the cap’s ridge as your guide.
3. Hover the magnet for at least 5 to 10 seconds (being careful not to touch the nail with the magnet).
Watch the nail effect work in an instant!

Amazingly, they work like this too! I sometimes find that instructions on products can just be total BS ;)
As with all other Barry M's they apply beautifully and the colours are really beautiful on their own as well as with the magnet effect. 
I will always recommend Barry M to others and it's no different with their Magnetic Nail Paints! 

Hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend :)

WN x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

INSAxSophy Robson competition!

If you're unaware of Sophy Robson (nail boss) get familiar. 

So, she launched (and closed! Soz) a competition recently in collaboration with artist INSA. So I entered. Obvs.

Check out the INSA website here for cool as f@%k art - HERE

Here are the nails what I did - 

I won't go into detail about colours/technique because nobody has got time for that!
They took me about 25-30 mins, I used 10 colours and every inch of my patience!!!!

Check out Sophy - HERE
And some of the most amazing nails probably ever, at NailPorn - HERE

Short but sweet, unlike me ;)

Hope you like, see ya Friday!

WN x