Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The One Second Rule

I went to Meadowhall (yay) and went to a shop called 'Xtras' in The Lanes.
It is fab, full of all kinds of nail related goodies at properly bargain prices!
I've seen the Bourjois '1 Seconde' varnishes before but just overlooked them to be honest, but then I saw them in Xtras for £1.99 and thought why not eh?

So the idea behind them is that the brush is a lot larger than normal varnishes and it fans out to the size of your nail when you use it. You only need to sweep it over the nail once and it only takes one second per nail. Brilliant.

The one I got is called Prune Stellaire and it looks like this......

This is with two coats. Granted the brush didn't fit to my thumb nail........ but other than that it was great! The brush really did fit to my nail and as it just needed one sweep across the nail, it left a really smooth finish too. However it did take a bit longer than one second, a little blip I think i can overlook!

All in all I definitely recommend these for quick and easy nails in a flash.


WN x

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