Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sweet Like Chocolate.

Do you love chocolate? I love chocolate. So, I thought lets do chocolate nails!
And here they are - 

Yum! So,

Colours - Barry M - 129 Chocolate Brown
           - Dior  - 219 Safari Beige

- The standard two base coats 
- I stuck french manicure tips over the very ends of my nails - 

- I then applied two coats of the Barry M colour
- Spray of Quick Dry (woo Avon!)
- Remove the manicure tips - 

- Then two coats of the Beige, top coat and we are good to go....
 I also did my right hand with the colours the other way round -


- But to be honest I like the left hand better!

As always, have FUN guys :)

WN x

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