Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Go Fish.

Bit different today. I painted a fish on my finger. Not an actual fish, well anyway here it is - 

I also painted my thumb to look like.....sea grass? I've no idea what it's called! - 

Don't really know why I did this look. For fun I guess! Who ever said you can't paint a fish on your nails anyway?!

Quite a few colours for this one - All Barry M - 
- 294 Cyan Blue
- 66 Matt White
- 301 Block Orange
- 290 Spring Green
- 299 Racing Green
- 47 Black

- So to begin, two basecoats
- Two coats of blue -

- I physically cannot get over how beautiful this colour is.
- Next I started on the white details - 


- I used a small dotting tool as a pencil to draw the bubbles, and a small brush to do the base for the fish and grass
- You want to do a white basecoat when using bright colours like orange and green, as they will show up a lot better and true to colour. If I were to use them straight on top of the blue they would come out dark and murky! Trust me I tried it!
- I next finished off the fish - 

- Again I used a small brush to paint the orange over the white, and a dotting tool to do the eye and mouth. I used two sizes of dotting tool to do the eye, to get the smaller white dot inside the black dot.
- Next I finished off the grass using the two shades of green - 

- As before I used a small brush to do the light green and a dotting tool for the darker green, just to create a bit more dimension
- Finish with a top coat.

Not the most obvious choice of nail design, granted. But like I said, why not eh?!!!

See you Friday!

WN x

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