Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Last week I received my first ever Glossybox, and I was so excited! Partly because I got a nail product, which I was chuffed about, so I could share it with you guys, but mainly it was because I won a prize! 
Now, I must point out that I actually do never win anything, so I cannot tell you how giddy I am about getting my prize! (Obviously I'll be letting you all know what it is when it arrives!)

So, if you don't know about Glossybox, basically you pay a monthly subscription of £12.95, and every month you receive a gorgeous pink box with 5 products inside. The products are pretty generous sample sizes but also full size too, which is just fabulous!! I know they have Birchbox in the US also. Such a brilliant concept. Check out for more details! 

Anyway, why I'm telling you all this is because inside my box I got a set of gold Rebel Nails nail wraps! 
I would just like to say Oh My God.
I've never really got into wraps (I'm hardcore varnish!!) but dude, these things are amazing!
I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Here is what they look like finished - 

I mean you can see how shiny they are from the flash of my camera! Also I can actually see myself in them. Can you tell I'm excited?! I bloody love 'em!

Anyway, this is the packaging - 

That's just a sticker on the front telling me I'd won my prize!!

- So in the packet you get 16 stickers in eight different sizes Two of each. Obviously.
- With the clear size guide, you wrap it around your nail to decide which size sticker you will need.
- When you've selected your size, you need hold the flat edge between your thumb and forefinger, and warm up the sticker at the curved end, until it begins to curl - 

You can see it's just beginning to curl at the bottom corner.

- The instructions recommend using a hairdryer, but I actually held mine over a candle! Ofcourse I did. Careful not to hold it too close though, otherwise it will melt!! You want the sticker about 20cm away from the flame.
- Next, lay the sicker, curved edge to cuticle, on your nail.
- Smooth out until it lays flat on the nail surface - 

- Then simply file off the excess to finish. You want to file at a 45 degree angle to your nail in a downwards motion.


Sounds like a lot to do, but they really take no time at all (once you get the hang!) and you can power through them no problem.
Lat fabulously aswell. At the time of writing this post, mine are three days old and still look as good as they did when I first applied them.

So - For fabulous, easy, quick nails check out
    - For more info on Glossybox check out

Also NO, I wasn't paid to promote them! I'm doing it because I love them!

Stay fabulous guys :)

WN x

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