Thursday, 29 September 2011

(Sherbet) Dib Dab

Today's look is a bit softer, a bit more free than the usual looks.
I wanted to do something where, if you mess up, it can actually add to the look - 

See what I mean?!!

The colours I used are all Barry M - 300 Acid Yellow, 302 Fushia and 292 Navy.

- So, the usula, basecoats to begin,
- Then two coats of the divine Acid Yellow - 

- Next, take some of the pink, and put it on a surface that you don't mind wrecking! Like an old magazine or something.
- Then, just take a cotton bud, and dab to pink colour on to the nail. I concentrated the colour in the middle of my nail, but took it all the way to both ends - 

- Finally, I took the navy using the same technique, with the cotton bud, lightly dabbing across the nail to create the stripes.
- Top coat to seal.

As you can see, it can get quite messy, but don't worry, that's kind of the point! Just use a cotton bud to clean up after.

Have a play, see what colour combo's work for you, and have FUN!


WN x

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