Thursday, 22 September 2011

Shiny Spots

I bloody love it when the Avon lady arrives! My dog does too, but that's for a different reason....
This time I got three 'Color Trend' Varnishes 'cos, well, they were 99p.
So, as with every Avon delivery, I picked my faves and I did a blog!

Here's the look I did - 

Really easy peasy and super shiny! A favourite combo of mine :)

The colours I used for thris are-
- Color Trend Colour Me Pretty Nail Varnish in Minimalist Peach
- Avon Nailwear Pro in Sequinned Turquoise
- Barry M 295 Pure Turquoise

- Basecoats to begin
- Then three coats of the peach - 

- This is how it is on it's own with the three coats. I think it's so beautiful!!
- Next just dot the colours on however you want, in whatever order.
- I used my dotting tool for this, but like I've said before hair grips, toothpicks, general pointy object will work just as well!
- Then top coat to seal.

If you start your dots at each end and then work your way to the middle, you will find they come out a lot more even, as opposed to if you just freehand them.

Unfortunately, the Sequinned Turquoise from Avon was limited to a gift set, but my fabulous rep gave me hers!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend ;)

Catch you next week

WN x

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