Friday, 14 October 2011

Get Foiled : Instant Nail Effects

Obviously when Barry M brought out the Instant Nail Effects - Foil I was getting them. And finally I got my hands on them! The blurb on the website basically says that they give the effect of a salon foil manicure with only one coat and dry super quick. (I'm paraphrasing!) So without further ado - 

Pretty good!! I think they live up to the claims. This was using one coat (with a base and topcoat obviously). They did dry quickly aswell which I was impressed with, and as you can see just gorgeous and shiny! They are a bit streaky which you wouldn't get with foils, but I'm not gonna moan about that as they're just so much easier and quicker to apply than actual foil.

They are only two colours available at the moment 319 Silver Foil and 320 Gold Foil. I hope and pray they extend the range! 
They're £3.99 so a pound more expensive than the regular polishes but they are properly worth it! 

Have a fabulous weekend ;)

WN x

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