Thursday, 10 November 2011

Magnetic : 17

I've noticed that more and more brands are jumping on the magnetic polish band wagon, so I thought that I would too! I got three of the 17 ones from Boots, as they were 3 for 2, so they cost me £12 instead of £18, which I find a pretty good bargain :)

Here are the three that I chose - 

From left to right Lilac, Green, Blue.

And here is what they look like all done - 

I love this effect! These are with two coats (no top coat). I think the trick to getting a well defined pattern is having a pretty thick layer of polish. I admit I had to try a couple of times, as I kept touching the polish with the magnet...

So simple and quick to do too. It's all explained for you on the bottle as well, which is handy! Overall these get a yes from me :)

Have a fab weekend.....

WN x

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