Monday, 21 November 2011

You're In The Army Now

The clue's in the title really.
Thought I'd go for a bit camouflage today. Well obviously, I mean what else was I gonna do today really?

So anyway, here they are - 

Four colours for this look, Dior 219 Safari Beige, Miss Sporty Khaki Force, Barry M 299 Racing Green and 129 Chocolate Brown.

Really super duper easy, this look.

- Basecoats to begin
- Next two layers of the Dior. Such a perfect nude for that 'mannequin hand' look
- Then I just took each of the other three colours in turn, and dotted them on top
- I used e.l.f Matte Finisher for the top coat

I love the Racing Green in this, I think it kinda makes what could be a big ball of gross a bit more girly and a bit sparkly I guess, anyway, told you it was easy!

Hope you enjoy :)

WN x


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