Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Pud

I'm giving in. It's time for some Christmas nails. Just because I can't do festive, doesn't mean you lot should be deprived of Christmas mani's!!
You may have guessed that today's nails are Christmas puddings. Weirdly, I don't even like them, but I must say, they make for some pretty tasty nails :)

Here they are - 

Om. Nom. Nom.

I used two Barry M for this one, 47 Black and 129 Chocolate Brown, my 17 Nail tip whitener and my two new China Glaze beauties, Holly Day and Winter Berry.

- Basecoats to start, especially as I'm using black.
- I wanted a darker brown than any that I had, so I did one coat of the black then a coat of brown on top.
- Next I used the white to make the 'icing'. I like using this Tip Whitener from 17 for this as it has a teeny little angled brush, which makes it a lot easier to do more detailed work!
- Then I added the berries using a dotting tool, and the leaves with a small nail art brush.
- Top coat to finish.

These require a bit of patience! But I'd never done any 'icing' before, and as we know these are my first go, so it was a bit more difficult than I had first anticipated!!

I think they look alright though :)

See you next time....

WN x


  1. I actually have Christmas pudding nails on as we speak! xD Cute.