Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Tree

So, I couldn't possibly do a Christmas series without doing tree's! So here they are - 

Quite a few colours for this. Barry M 284 Emerald Green, 134 Yellow, 273 Raspberry, 129 Chocolate Brown, 312 Indigo and 320 Gold Foil. I also used Avon Vanilla Shake for the base.

- Basecoats to start, then three coats of the Avon to make a nice neutral base
- I started with the green for the trees
- Then, I did the gold for the stars on my thumb and little finger
- Next I added the dots on my index and ring fingers for the baubles,
- And I finished off my middle finger with the brown for the tree trunk and the red for the pot.
- Top coat to seal it all in.

I used a small nail art brush for all the work except the baubles, for which I used a dotting tool.

I hope you like them, and have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

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