Monday, 5 December 2011

Nail Cocktail

You know when sometimes you think "I wonder what'd happen if I did ____ to my nails?" Well, last night I was thinking "I wonder what would happen if I blobbed polish on my nails and dragged a cocktail stick through it?" 
So I did it, and here's what happened - 

This is one of the times where (I think!) it actually came off! I don't mean to sound so surprised, but these random flashes of inspiration don't always work...
Cheeky bit of orange on my thumb there!

Four Barry M colours 161 Vivid Purple, 272 Shocking Pink, 300 Acid Yellow and 301 Block Orange. I also Used Chlorophyll from OCC.

- I know I always say to use two basecoats, but I defo would with the purple!
- Then two coats of the glorious purple
- Next, I just put a blob of each colour on to the nail, dragged a cocktail stick through it to create the pattern.
- I did one colour at a time for this, so pink on every nail, then green etc.. I just found it easier this way, but obviously whatever works for you!
- Top coat to finish.

I loved doing this one, and I love the way it came out :) 

Hop you enjoy, see you next time!

WN x

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