Monday, 9 January 2012

Review : Pink Cosmetics London

Honestly never heard of these guys before! I found it at one of those outlet shopping centres and it cost the grand old total of 89p. Could I resist, obviously not. 

I can't find a website :( sorry!

But, I just had to share this polish with you, because, for the price, it really is pretty phenomenal!

The polish doesn't have a name just a number. No.10.

Here are some pretty pictures of the bloody lovely Pink Cosmetics London in No.10 - 

Beautiful shimmering Gunmetal grey with glitter in all kinds of colours mixed in there. Silver, Green, Blue, Red......

I have two coats on, with base and topcoat too. Another plus, this polish dries real quick!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this sparkly beginning to the week!

See you next time :)

WN x

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