Wednesday, 2 May 2012

INSAxSophy Robson competition!

If you're unaware of Sophy Robson (nail boss) get familiar. 

So, she launched (and closed! Soz) a competition recently in collaboration with artist INSA. So I entered. Obvs.

Check out the INSA website here for cool as f@%k art - HERE

Here are the nails what I did - 

I won't go into detail about colours/technique because nobody has got time for that!
They took me about 25-30 mins, I used 10 colours and every inch of my patience!!!!

Check out Sophy - HERE
And some of the most amazing nails probably ever, at NailPorn - HERE

Short but sweet, unlike me ;)

Hope you like, see ya Friday!

WN x

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