Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

Unless you've been in space for a while, you're probably aware that the Queen is celebrating 60 years on the throne this weekend. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that I Love the Queen!!!

Anyway, obviously I did some nails. I wasn't 100% as to whether I was going to do any, but after seeing some other amazing jubilee nails, I just got so inspired!

So here comes the mani - 

I used almost a million colours.

Not really.

I used Barry M 262 Bright Red, 291 Cobalt Blue, 47 Black, 333 Black Multi-glitter and 320 Gold Foil, Illamsqua's Scorch and finally 545 Attraction by Chanel.

On the thumb I used Bright Red and Cobalt Blue and Scorch for the dots.
Index finger, I used the same colours but added glitters over the top.
I used all three again on the middle finger, but added some rhinestones to the middle cross. Just 'cos!
I used Attraction as the base on the ring finger with the black over top for the stamp silhouette.
And for the little finger, black multi-glitter as the base with gold foil on top for the crown.


I'm going to a party in my local park today, and I hope everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend :-)

Hope you enjoy, see you next time guys!

WN x


  1. So good! I like the crown on the little finger. It's adorable. :')

  2. This is a great mani! Soooo creative x :-)