Friday, 21 September 2012

Swatches - Models Own Mirror Ball Collection

There has been soooo much buzz about these polishes and since I bought them I can 100% see why!!

Ever since the success of Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi collaboration, I thought they wouldn't be able to stop there! I think Models Own have pretty much nailed it here - 

From left to right - Freak Out!, Hot Stuff, Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights and Dancing Queen.

Freak Out! over Chanel Suspiscious -

Hot Stuff over Cult Nails Awakening - 

Disco Inferno over Illamsqua Smash - 

Boogie Nights over Barry M 134 Yellow - 

Dancing Queen over Barry M 1A Red Wine - 

All swatches have three coats of Models Own polish over base colour with Collection top coat.

I can't pick a favourite here. I usually find that there is one stand out polish from a collection that I fall in love with but I just can't choose!

Polishes cost £5 each or you can purchase the box set where you get all five and a top coat for £20.
Or you can do what I did and buy them individually and get £7 off when you buy five polishes on

I hope you like these even a little bit as much as I do!!

Have a fabulous weekend ♥

WN x


  1. I was lusting over these so bad, now i've seen your swatches I need them even more!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks Jazz! I'm glad you like them :-) x

  2. I'm grumpy about these, I can't find them in my local boots and it's annoying me! I've been told to wait until some point in october, I need them now (hot stuff & boogie nights). Grr!