Friday, 26 October 2012

WAH Look #24 - Rhinestone Rain

First off, I'd just like to raise the terribly important point that today is.....
....MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hurrah. Now, to business!

It's the penultimate mani from the WAH Nails book! How exciting! 

Today's nails are called Rhinestone Rain - 

I used Chanel May as my base colour. Then I added Barry M Silver glitter over the top. Bad news, the glitter was actually a limited edition but I am positive that other silver glitter polishes exist out there!

The look calls for three sizes of rhinestone, but since I actually only own two sizes, that's what I used...
I really liked these nails. Lots of fun, and I am a fan of texture, although, not fun to wash your hair with!!!!

Hope you like these, have a fabulous weekend, and I'll see you next week,

WN x


  1. So cute! I think its so hard to use rhinestones without it looking tacky but you did it well! Fab!

    Jazz x


    That is such a pretty look :)