Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pedi-Sox - Review + Giveaway!

Howdy polish peeps!

Today I have something a bit different for you all, and my first ever WellNailed giveaway!!!

I'm so excited.

Just to warn you all, this post will include a picture of my feet. Sorry!

A month or so ago I received an email from a lady named Pamela, who is the founder of 'Pedi-Sox', asking whether I would be willing to write a blog on Pedi-Sox in exchange for some samples. She also floated the idea of a give away, to which I of course said yes!

Info from the official website ->

What Are Pedi-Sox?

Pedi-Sox® are unique one-of-a-kind toeless pedicure sock.
Designed to provide solutions to pedicure dilemmas, Pedi-Sox® luxuriate & prolong the pleasure of the pedicure experience - year-round.

What Are The Benefits?

• Feet Stay Comfy & Cozy...
   those tile floors can be so cold in the winter.
• Sox Aid Moisturizer Absorption ...for softer smoother feet.
• Feet Stay Clean ...freshly pedicured feet are magnets to dust 
   & small hair clippings.
• Toenails Dry Flawless ...just what every girl wants.

• Repair Heels...Pedi-Sox® are essential to repair dry cracked skin.
• Lock-In Benefits....of healing serums, creams and treatments.
• Callus Elimination...Pedi-Sox® help soften & fade calluses.

• Now you can do Pedicures Year Round.....
   even in the coldest winter months.
• Simply..... skin will look and feel healthier.
• Fun & Fashionable ...all this & more!

How Would I Use Them?

Just slip on Pedi-Sox® at the end of the end of the pedicure process, right before the toennails are painted. You can either walk out the door in sox alone or slip into sandals. It's that easy!

Where Can I Get Them?

Retail Customers:   Here our shopping Cart.  Click on the Products you want and add to cart.   Its that easy !

Professional Nail Techs:  Click here to Register for a Professional Wholesale Account.
or  Call us Toll-Free:  888 536 1577
or  Email us:

Distributor Inquiries:
Call us:  714 898 2400

or  Email us:


Pamela sent me 4 pairs of the socks! How nice is that :) I used the leopard

print pair because I wanted them(!) and

I'm going to give a pair to my sister 'cos I'm nice like that, so I have two 
pairs to give away to you guys.

Here comes the foot pic (I'm wearing Chanel Frenzy on my tootsies)- 

And these are the Pedi-Sox I have to give away - 

Links to all the Pedi-Sox social media -

The giveaway will be open between 29.05.13 and 07.06.13 and will close at 12pm GMT. Enter here - 


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