Friday, 17 May 2013


A few weeks ago I received a really exciting email from a lovely lady named Sarah-Jane with an invite to the launch of the Sophy Robson x England Netball nail designs. The launch date was the 8th of May and unfortunately I couldn't go :(, however her equally as lovely colleague Charlotte sent me the official press release for the event, and that's what I have to share with you today.

Sophy is a huge name in the nail world, and I've been a big fan for a long time. Links to everything below!



For the millions who tuned into the London 2012 Olympics last year, it was impossible to miss the collection of globally-inspired nail designs created by London’s hottest nail artist, Sophy Robson. For the Olympic athletes and for women around the world, the designs were a colourful statement demonstrating that active ladies can be as stylish as they are sporty.

Now, Sophy Robson is back as part of an exclusive partnership with England Netball in a bid to engage bright young women in the game and to ensure that tomorrow’s sporting stars are always a step ahead when it comes to the latest nail art trends.

As part of the partnership, the Olympic nail icon has created a series of unique ‘Netball Nail’ designs created especially for short nails – so girls can still be super stylish whilst keeping the umpire happy! The seven styles, each with their own unique name, have been created exclusively for the England Netball team, but can be easily replicated at home so sports-loving ladies everywhere can enjoy the look too.

Joanna Adams, Marketing Director at England Netball comments: “We understand that looking great is just as important to young women as keeping active and healthy. With this in mind, our partnership with Sophy Robson is all about showing active women everywhere that it is 100% possible to combine sport with style.

“Netball players have to cut down their nails for safety reasons, but we think these designs will show women that they can still look fantastic make a real statement about themselves and their love for the game.”

Netball Nail designs:

Tangerine Dream
Netball Loving
Loud and Proud
Animal Passion
Girl on Fire
Spots and Stripes
I Heart Netball
For more information on the netball nails campaign, including ‘How To’ tips from Sophy Robson, visit  


I think this collab is a genius idea! And if it encourages girls to get involved with sport and to get active, it can't be a bad thing :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

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