Friday, 16 August 2013

Avon - Habanero + Jalapeno

Every time I get the Avon brochure through my door I tell myself that I won't buy anything this time.....but I always do! Well they will bring out new nail colours!

I bought two shades as they were half price at £3 each. That's something else I can't resist too, they always have bargains! The colours I bought are called Habanero It Girl and Jalapeno Fashion Show. I also bought the Nail Art Tool because that was half price too at £1.50, which I used to do all the designs - 

Habanero It Girl (left) and Jalapeno fashion Show (right)

Polishes are usually £6 each and are available at

*Just to let you all know I'm going on holiday today (YAY!) so I won't be posting next week. But don't worry I'll be back Bank Holiday Monday :-) Have a wonderful week, I will!*

WN x

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