Friday, 13 September 2013

Models Own Velvet Goth - Valerian + Absinthe

So I finally gave in and got my hands on a couple of Models Own Velvet Goth polishes. I have to admit after seeing various swatches online I wasn't too impressed, but I'm so glad I purchased these!

The idea of these polishes is that they have a matte 2D finish whilst remaining sparkly, and I must say they really do achieve this. I'll let the polishes speak for themselves :)

The colours I got are called Valerian and Absinthe - 

Valerian (left) and Absinthe (right)

I'm wearing two coats in the photo's.

These are, by a long way, my favourite ever Models Own polishes. They are quite tricky to apply as with them being matte, they do dry pretty quickly, but that is my only grumble!

I love the lids of the polishes too, as they have the velvet texture to go with the Velvet Goth name and they feel and look super luxurious.

Absinthe is my fave out the two colours, but I think I may have to get the rest of the collection :)

Polishes cost £5 from

WN x


  1. Absinthe is my favourite too! :)

  2. love those colours! x

  3. Hi I have nominated you for the Liebster award :)