Wednesday, 4 September 2013

PR - Chanel Collection Rouge Allure Moire

Today I have yet more PR from the fabulous folk at Chanel. The third collection from Le Rouge Chanel is called Collection Rouge Allure Moire and is available from September 27th.


There are as many ways of being vibrant as there are women, and as many ways of showing it as there are CHANEL lipsticks.

In 2013, LE ROUGE CHANEL now offers three different collections:

- the COLLECTION AVANT-PREMIÈRE DE CHANEL opens a new chapter in the ROUGE COCO and ROUGE COCO SHINE saga to reveal bold, unpredictable and boundless femininity.

- the COLLECTION RÉVÉLATION DE CHANEL reveals the multiple facets of the LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES gloss and sparkling femininity.

- the COLLECTION ROUGE ALLURE MOIRÉ showcases an unforgettably bold femininity.
When you decide how to live your life, wear LE ROUGE CHANEL, and if you want to live it with allure and intensity, wear ROUGE ALLURE!


With an irresistibly feminine flick of the hand, ROUGE ALLURE opens with just one click to reveal one colour, one signature and daring attitude. It continues its take on intensity in a new collection that captures the opulence of fabrics with moiré reflections, exploring the effects of light.


The COLLECTION ROUGE ALLURE MOIRÉ is inspired by the beauty and refinement of overflowing fabrics and ribbons. To develop it, the CHANEL Makeup Studio composed a range of colours with luxurious, shimmering reflections.

The moiré effect is the result of different types of mother-of-pearl: tone-on-tone, translucent or with golden, silver, bronze or copper reflections. For each shade of ROUGE ALLURE, the small diameter of the mother-of-pearl, its different combinations and its concentrations were adjusted to boost luminosity while maintaining the soft second-skin texture.

The bold colour, revealed in a single stroke on the lips, glimmers in the changing light, revealing its fleeting shimmer in a chance movement or smile. The warm and delicate moiré colours heighten the charm and mystery of intangible makeup.


Also available in the collection - 

ROUGE ALLURE                                                                                          £25.00
(Luminous Intense Lip Colour)

- 122 Farouche                                              
- 124 Ambiguë                                   
- 125 Indécise                                    
- 129 Surprenante                                                      
- 131 Étonnante                                             
- 132 Impulsive
- 134 Audacieuse
- 135 Énigmatique                              

CRAYON LĒVRES                                                                                        £17.50
(Precision Lip Definer)
Rose Poudré
Rose Ardent

ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS                                                    £25.00
(Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss)

LE VERNIS                                                                                                    £18.00
(Nail Colour)
Rose Moiré
Rouge Moiré

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