Friday, 21 March 2014

Models Own - Speckled Egg

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm super excited today, I've just booked a holiday :-) This is why this blog is so late today. I wish I could say I'm sorry but I'm too giddy!!

Back to nails....

The 12th of march saw the Models Own Speckled Egg collection launch on their website and in Superdrug (they launched in Boots on the 19th). Five pastel shades with different sized matte black glitter particles to give the 'speckled' effect. 

Models Own are currently running a 6 for £20 promotion until the 8th of April (polishes normally £5 each) so I bought all five colours!

Colours from left to right are : Swan; Magpie; Duck; Goose and Dove

First up is the lilac purple Swan - 

Magpie next, which is a aqua green and my favourite from the collection - 

Third up is Duck, a pastel blue - 

The yellow, Goose, is next. This one looks kinda muddy is the bottle but on the nail is gorgeous - 

And finally the baby pink Dove - 

Polishes cost £5, check out for more!

Wn x

P.S There's only 5 days left to enter the Twitter GIVEAWAY!! 


  1. These look amazing! I'm so tempted to get some but I've got the Illamasqua ones! Tempted, so tempted by the yellow!!!!! Great pictures, you've really shown them off well :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them. I know it's a tough decision.... But Illamasqua didn't do a yellow.... And they're only £5 ;-) x