Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Paul & Joe - Hyacinth

Sometimes, I just can't resist a nail polish (or all the time). And 9 times out of 10, it'll be by Paul & Joe. It's probably the packaging, I'm a sucker for the pretty!

Today, I have #037 Hyacinth to share from the Spring collection.

I have layered one coat of Hyacinth over two coats of Revlon Rock with a base coat and top coat.

All Paul & Joe nail enamels are Limited Edition so get them while you can polish peeps!

I should definitely mention that the formula is super thin, so it becomes difficult to catch the glitter particles on the brush before application. It all sinks to the bottom! However, there is so much glitter packed into the blue base that it's not such a horrid problem as you know you'll always get something good on your brush.

This polish also has the lovely floral / citrus scent that all Paul & Joe nail enamels have.

#037 Hyacinth is £11 and I got mine at Beautybay.com.

WN x

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