Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yves Rocher - Bleu Paon + flakie!

Happy Wednesday!!

I have one day left at work before my holiday :-) I'm very excited.

Today, I have a swatch to share with you of a gorgeous teal blue creme from Yves Rocher. The color is called Bleu Paon or Peacock Blue and the swatches are only one coat of polish with base and without a top coat (as I've added flakies as you'll see in a bit!)

I was super impressed at only having to one coat as you don' tend to find that very often.

These polishes are £1.95 and you get 3ml of product. Perfect for someone like me who owns so many colours you'll never reach the end of :-)

Check out for more!

Whilst I was swatching this colour, this flakie by Inglot flashed into my head, like they often do. And I thought it would look gorgeous over the Yves Rocher color and, not to blow my own horn, but I was right :-)

I have swatched one coat of the flakie over Peacock Blue then added a top coat.

This picture is in natural sunlight to show how beautiful the combination really is!!!

I don't believe it's available anymore, however you can check out to see the whole range.

WN x

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