Saturday, 10 May 2014

ArtDeco - 233 Emerald Mirror

You guys, today is an exciting day. Because today, is EUROVISION!

To celebrate (not really) here is a swatch of brand that is new to me - ArtDeco
I see them a lot when I'm browsing my fave beauty website and the time finally came to try some! 

One of the colours I bought is called Emerald Mirror (no. 233) and that's the one I've chosen to share today.

I am wearing two coats with a abase and top coat.

Sunlight picture to show the metallic sparkle - 

You can see the slight green to blue shift in colour in the photo's, however unfortunately the purple shade that you can see in the bottle doesn't come through in real life or in photo's :-(

This is not my favourite formula. You can see, especially on my middle finger how it dragged as I applied the second coat and left marks that the top coat couldn't take out.

I do love the colour though and I am excited to try more, especially creme formula shades, to see how they compare.

ArtDeco no. 233 cost £7.50 and is available at or check out the full range at

Happy weekend!

WN x


  1. It certainly looks amazing in the bottle. I do love iridescent polishes ;-)

    But the green colour is quite pretty and I do like a metallic. Just odd it didn't show on the nail - but that happens sometimes I guess.

    1. I know, it's a shame :-( but you're right sometimes it just happens! Still pretty non the less :) x