Monday, 5 May 2014

Avon Speed Dry+ - Lure

Good Monday everyone! If you live in the UK you'll be enjoying the extra day off and the long weekend. I hope no-one is feeling too rough ;-)

Wanna know what's awesome?

Coming home from holiday and having nail mail waiting for you! I only ordered a couple of things before I went away, but it was still great to come back to a little pile of parcels :-)

One of said polishes is from Avon. In the latest magazine, I saw these polishes that are infused with flakies, so naturally I had to try them out. 

I have also done something in this post that I haven't shown before, and that's using natural light for my photos. I was having a nightmare with my lighting, and I always have trouble with blue's anyway. I am loving how the picture look and they are pretty bang on to the colour too, which in the end, it what it's all about!

I am wearing three coats of Lure with a top and base coat.

Lure is a sheer-ish turquoise with little flakie pieces. I love the build up of colour and the depth that the layers give the finished look.

It also reminds me of the sea :-)

These new shades are currently half price at £3 at

WN x


  1. That is a lovely looking polish, great effect on the nails! It's also a colour I love... may be trying it out. :S

    1. Thanks Grace, I can never resist a turquoise or a flakie, so I was doomed with this one! :) But they are half price at the mo ;)

  2. Did you have a good holiday?

    Yeah this one looks stunning, I like it a lot *wants!!!* ;-)

    1. I did, thank you! I'm curious, which of your blogs would it go in? As it's supposed to be £6 full price :)

    2. I tend to put the Avon polishes on the Economy blog as I've never paid over a fiver for them! And it's not really what I'd call a high end brand!

      Ofter seeing this post I popped onto their site and ordered some! So thanks for sharing :-)

    3. That's awesome! Thanks so much :-)