Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chanel Summer '14 - The Other Four

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, I am so excited to share swatches of the remaining four polishes by Chanel from their Summer collection Reflets D'Ete.

I swatched Tutti Frutti last week as Chanel were awesome to send me it, and now I have the rest of the colours to share as I rushed out and bought them on Friday when they came out :-) (I think the lady on the counter thought I was a little bit mental!)

First up is Eastern Light, a straight up white creme. Three coats.

Second is Sweet Lilac. Obviously, a lilac! Two coats.

Like Tutti Frutti, Sweet Lilac has a super subtle shimmer which gives that amazing glossy finish. So subtle you can barely see it!

Next there's Pink Tonic, a super hot fuchsia. Two coats.

Again, Pink Tonic has a shimmer and again, it's super subtle. 

Finally is Mirabella which is a vibrant orange creme. Two coats.

I can't even decide which I love the most. Eastern Light because I just LOVE a white polish, though it mad me a little bid sad it took three coats. Also Mirabella as it just made me happy when I looked at this one on my nails! I love Pink Tonic because it's just right up my street, and Sweet Lilac came at the perfect time because I have a job interview today and it looks really classy and delicate :-)

Chanel nail polishes are £18 each and I purchased mine from

WN x


  1. These are stunning! You know I ended up only buying one - Sweet Lilac as I just loved it :-)

  2. It is so gorgeous! I would have had trouble picking just one! I like to use the blog as an excuse to splurge :-)