Friday, 20 June 2014

Mavala Oasis Collection - Summer '14

*Press Samples*

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're all having the best day :-)

Today I'm super excited to share swatches of four of the six new nail colours from Mavala for their Summer collection - Oasis.

First is Orchid Mauve. I would say that this shade is more of a dusty pink shade than a lilac, but it's still gorgeous none the less! Two coats - 

Next is Sky Blue and my favourite of the group :-) This is just what the name says, a sky blue! It has the tinniest shimmer running through it, you can almost see it in the close up shot. I used flash to try and bring it out! Two coats - 

Third is Sunset Orange which is a gorgeous orange toned coral. Nothing more to say really! Two coats - 

Finally I have Treasure. A warm golden shade with the most beautiful shimmering finish. You can really see how it sparkles in the close up shot. Two coats - 

The Mavala Oasis collection is exclusive to John Lewis, priced at £4.75 each.

WN x

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  1. Nice collection! I really like the gold one :-D