Monday, 16 June 2014

Speckled Egg Diagonal Nails

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Today, I've broken back out the Models Own Speckled Egg polishes. I really enjoy using these and I forgot just how lovely they look on the nail.

I used three of the colours today, Magpie (the aqua), Dove (the pink) and Goose (the yellow).

I am wearing three coats of the Speckled Egg polishes in the pictures with a base and a top coat. 

I think I'm doing a bit better with the nail art pen. I love using the Barry M one, it's so easy to use and is super black!

Check out for the Speckled Egg polishes, they're £5 each, and for the Nail Art Pens which are £4.99.

WN x


  1. Nice! I like this. :-)

    I picked up Goose as I already had the Illamasqua ones, I thought they were very similar! I do like Goose and enjoyed wearing it :-)

    1. Thank you! I only got the brown Illamasqua one, so that's how I justified buying all 5 MO ones :-) I do prefer the Illamasqua formula though.