Sunday, 17 August 2014

Swatches - NARS Amarapura + Paros

*Press Samples*

I'm very excited to finally be sharing these swatches with you guys today! About 10 days ago, I got the most awesome nail mail from Nars :-) 
Nars have recently re-launched their entire nail polish line, which is super exciting! They are re-formulated, re-packaged and amazing.
I only own one other Nars polish and it's almost three years old, but even then I was impressed and things have only got better!

The generous folk at Nars sent me two colours; Amarapura (silver) and Paros (red), so please enjoy the swatches, as I enjoyed wearing them so much!

Nars polishes now have a separate cap and brush. I love that detail as I never found the square shaped lid very easy to work with but the new design is great.

Amarapura - Silver chrome, I used two coats and didn't add a top coat as I love the finish without one.

Paros - Deep, brown toned red. Two coats topped with SV.

As well as the packaging, the brush is new too. It is now a flat brush instead of the round one like before. I found this so easy to use. I do prefer this type of brush anyway, and it applies so smoothly and it covers the whole nails so quickly.

Nars Nail Polishes are £15 each available online at

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend!

WN x

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  1. These are pretty - I really like them. I don't own any Nars polishes though!