Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chanel Summer '15 - Collection Mediterranee

It's Tuesday again already! I am feeling good about the blog at the minute, I am hopefully about two weeks away from reaching 50,000 page views :-) I am hoping to co-ordinate a giveaway for my lovely readers, so stay tuned for that!

So onto today's blog, I have swatches of the new Chanel Summer collection for 2015, Collection Mediterranee. Launched on May the 8th, the collection, inspired by the 1920's French Riviera, features four brand new shades which give that sun-kissed Mediterranean feel.

So lets get swatching!

Colours from L-R, 697 Terrana; 707 Mediterranee; 717 Coquelicot and 727 Lavanda

First swatch is of 697 Terrana, a metallic brown with a pink undertone and a really unique shade. I don't think that I own anything else like this. I'm wearing two coats - 

Next is 607 Mediterranee, a gorgeous sea blue creme. (This polish does lean slightly more green than my camera was able to pick up) Only one coat needed here - 

Third up is 617 Coquelicot, which translates to 'poppy' and I can't think of a better word to describe it!! Again, this creme polish only needed one coat - 

And finally, 627 Lavanda. A bright purple creme using two coats - 

I have to say I am so impressed with these polishes. I'm not sure if they've played with the ingredients but the blue (Mediterranee) and the red (Coquelicot) especially, have probably the best formula's I've ever used. Those two are the reason I will keep going back and paying silly prices for nail polish!! Even wth one coat, the application was so smooth and levelled out beautifully. Just so easy to work with.

My favourite colour is obviously Mediterranee, however I am pretty taken with all of them to be honest! I do like Terrana, as I feel like it's a colour that I haven't seen very often, if at all. 

Chanel Le Vernis are £18 each, and I purchased mine from Johnlewis.com.

Thank you reading!!

WN x

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