Friday, 29 May 2015

Models Own Hyper Gel Zig Zag Mani.

Friday again! Wahoo!

Today I have had, surprisingly, another play with my nail vinyls. You guys will tell me when you get bored of seeing them won't you?!

This is the mani that I was going to try when I first received the vinyls in the post. However, when I had a go with them and it didn't work out I gave up on these polishes and the vinyls for a while! After a few goes using them though, I got more and more in to the swing of using them and decided to re-visit my original idea...

The polishes I used are all by Models own and part of their Hyper Gel range. The shades are, Cornflower Blue (the palest blue, used as the base colour); Blue Glint (turquoise) and Inky Blue (navy) - 

I am definitley happy with how these (finally) turned out! I especially enjoy the effect of the moving navy zig zag, though I think the effect would have had more of a wow-factor if I had used a contrasting colour such as a coral in it's place.

The Models Own Hyper Gels are £4.99 each and you can purchase them (along with the rest of the Models Own range) at

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you all again on Sunday for more :-)

WN x

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