Sunday, 7 June 2015

Blue Rhythm de Chanel

Sunday again, already! I hope you're all having a great weekend whatever it is you're doing :)

Today, I bring you swatches of the new offering from Chanel. Two beautiful blue polishes from this Summer collection, aptly named, Blue Rhythm de Chanel.

The collection includes a bright royal blue creme named Vibrato (permanent), and a darker more navy polish which has a slight metallic finish with a lovely subtle sparkle named Fortissimo (LE). Love the musical terms they've used for the names :-)

I did tinker with the swatch photos a tad, just because they came out much lighter than irl. I just darkened them slightly to make them more true to life.

Both polishes are swatched using two coats of polish with a top coat.

First up is #665 Vibrato, this one is the permanent shade - 

And #681 Fortissimo, the limited edition colour - 

I have to say, I have seen very limited information regarding this collection. But I can tell you that it launched last Friday (May 29th) and Fortissimo is a limited edition colour, however Vibrato will be an ongoing colour. 

Chanel have been impressing me lately. We all saw how beautiful Collection Mediterranee was, and how much fun too. I think that is why Chanel is one of, if not my all time favourite, brands. They do classic so well (Rouge Noir for a start!) but then they offer shades like these two and you're reminded that they can be exciting and fresh. 

Chanel Le Vernis are £18 each and I purchased mine from, and don't forget to pick up Fortissimo while you can :)

Have a wonderful day everyone, and thank you for reading!

WN x

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