Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Essie Neons 2015!

Happy Tuesday all!

Today I have swatches of three of the 2015 Neons from Essie. If you saw my last Essie post, you'll know that I had a very love hate relationship with the last collection! So I was curious to see if these polishes could restore my faith! I purchased three of the six shades, so lets get into the swatches.

First is Vibrant Vibes - 

Vibrant Vibes is a bright lime green creme. I'm sad to say that the formula on this polish is a bad one! It's thin and streaky, and it dries really quickly to a waxy type finish, which means that you have no play time with your coats. If you have to go back in and touch up, you pull off the polish you already have down and you end up with a bumpy and textured mani. I am wearing three coats. (Thank God for top coat!) 

Next up is Make Some Noise - 

Make Some Noise is a bright electric blue creme. The formula on this polish is much better than Vibrant Vibes. It's much more opaque and has a smoother finish. This polish is creamier and has a nice slip to it, making application much easier and the finish smooth and clean. It is a stain-er though!! I'm wearing two coats.

And finally, Melody Maker - 

Melody Maker is a bright green teal creme. This polish is the best of the three formula wise (and my favourite of the bunch!) Very pigmented and opaque in two smooth and easy coats. I'd definitely recommend this polish for a beginner as it's so easy to use and the result is stunning! It glides on to the nail easily and you can go back in to touch up if you miss any spots without disrupting the overall finish. I'm wearing two coats.

As I've only tried three polishes from the collection, I can't say whether I'd recommend the collection as a whole. However I do have a couple of thoughts of course!

If you're looking for neons, as the title Neons 2015 may suggest, you won't find them. If you want some bright and fun summer shades, then I think you're in the right place!! 

I would highly recommend Melody Maker because I have fallen completely in love, and I would purchase Make Some Noise again, but I just can't bring myself to say that you should go out and buy Vibrant Vibes. I certainly wouldn't purchase it if I'd known how difficult it would be. I'm afraid that the colour just isn't worth all the effort!

Again, I am torn! Essie, why do you do this to me?! And again, there are good enough polishes in this collection to convince me to go back and try the next collection and probably the one after that too! 

Essie Neons for 2015 are £8.95 each available at Nailpolishdirect.co.uk.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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