Friday, 25 September 2015

China Glaze - The Great Outdoors

We did it! It's finally Friday :)

I pre-ordered some colours from the China Glaze autumn collection 'The Great Outdoors' over a month ago, and yesterday they arrived! Although they took an age to come, it was actually quite a nice surprise as I'd forgotten I'd even bought them.

Naturally, when I received the dispatch email I was straight back on to and ended up with three new Essie's! But that's for another day ;)

I purchased four of the 12 shades, so lets get into the swatches....

L-R Change Your Altitude; S'More Fun; Pondering; Take A Hike

First up is Change Your Altitude - 

Change Your Altitude is a 'light grey-toned lavender creme' which is actually a pretty good description. However I might change the colours round as personally I'd say it's more of a lavender toned grey. But that's just six of one and half a dozen of the other really! Lovely formula and fully opaque in two easy coats. 

Next is S'More Fun - 

S'Moe Fun is described as chartreuse creme. The formula again is lovely, however slightly more streaky than Change Your Altitude though S'More Fun is still opaque in two coats and applies evenly too.

Third polish is Pondering - 

Pondering is a stunning purple shimmer with a green duo-chrome shift. The polish is by far my favourite of the four. I feel like this is how a duo-chrome should be, it felt like I was wearing two different polishes! You can see how the colours change in the close up shot. The formula is good, not streaky, doesn't drag and, of course, opaque in two coats.

And finally, Take A Hike - 

Take A Hike is a dark teal toned green creme with athe best formula of the lot. You could definitely get away with only one coat of this beaut, however I am wearing two in the swatches because I just can't help myself :)

I'm very happy with my choices from the collection!

The China Glaze The Great Outdoors collection is available at for £4.50 each.

Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous weekend!

WN x

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