Friday, 24 June 2011

Inspiration : VOGUE June 2011

For this look I took inspiration from the Fashion Bible itself. This is the page I used. It's from the 'Beauty Confidential' section of July Vogue - 

And this is the finished look - 

And here's how I did it.

- Colours used
 -BarryM 180 (Sorry I don't know what it's called and it's discontinued aswell!)
 -Models Own 110 Bronze Rage

-First I applied the obligatory two coats of clear varnish!
-Next I put on a French Manicure Tip Guide to mark where I wanted the colours to meet. (Careful when using the tip guides as if you stick them down too hard they will pull the clear varnish off!)

-I then painted two coats of the blue up to the bottom of the tip guide.
-Quick spray to help the drying process!
-When the varnish was quite dry i removed the tip guide. You want the varnish to be almost dry so as the keep the edge where the colours will meet nice and sharp.

-Next I applied the bronze colour to the tips. You can feel where the blue finishes with the edge of your varnish brush so it's actually not that difficult to keep it neat(ish!).
-Clear top coat.

Amazing. I did my right hand the opposite way too just to see what it looked like really....

Have fun! WN x

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