Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boots - '17' Nail Bar In A Bag

Yes you read correctly, Boots have invented a Nail Bar that fits in a bag. I know. It's genius.

And here it is - 

So basically you buy any two cosmetic products from Boots' '17' range (I got a lipgloss and a blusher brush for about £6) and you get this little gem for free. Yes free!
You get two colours Knockout Red which I used on my right hand and Pink Grapefruit which is on my left.
Also included is a jazzy mini nail file and some super cute heart stickers.

And here is the finished product - (You'll have to forgive the state of my right hand as I am unbelievably special when it comes to painting my nails left handed.)

This look was sooo easy.
-Two base coats as always.
-Two coats of colour.
-Now, while the colour is still wet I peeled off the stickers using tweezers and placed on my nails.
-Top coat.
-Spay of Quick Dry.


I told ya so.

Have fun guys 

WN x

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